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Could a bad transfer case cause the rear diff to go bad?

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Absolutely. If a vehicle shares fluid between the transfer case and rear diff, the flow will be interrupted if the transfer case goes bad. A fluid pump failure would cause the flow of oil to be cut to both components thus causing a failure. Also, if there is not adequate vacum pressure for the pump system to work, oil cannot be pumped to the rear of the car causing a diff failure.

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Could a bad transfer case on a 01 Nissan pathfinder se 5speed damage the rear differential?

it could but is not likely to the transfer case transfers power to the front diff, not the rear

Why will your transfer case not lock in on your 95 Tahoe or your 4wheel drive indicator light not come?

the front diff is not engaging its not the transfer case which is manual the solenoid needs replaced

How much oil is needed in the transfer case and gear box of a suzuki vitara 1989 and rear diff for that matter. Could be called a sidekick in states.?

My book told me to fill them until it started running out of the transfer case and differencial. Worked fine for me...

What transfer case is in a 85 grand wagoneer with a 360 auto And what is the front diff offset to the drivers side?

T-Case is most likely an NP229

The 4x4 is engaged but does not engage into 4 Hi on your 2000 Silverado Z71 4x4?

It sounds like you need a new actuator. there is two things that lock in when you use 4x4. one is the transfer case and the other is the front diff. the front diff is turned on by an actuator. if you have a problem with the actuator the front axles wont lock in. even though the transfer case is engaged.

Where exactly is the transfer case on a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?


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Will the Vari-lock front diff case from an 2002 WJ swap into a 97 Zj front diff?


Why is the differentil on your MF20 tractor not slipping in turns?

the linkage to the diff lock pedal could be siezed/stiff that's if it even has a diff lock also the spider gears in the diff unit could be damaged causing the diff to lock up

How power tansmmision in car?

Power goes from the engine through the transmission to the differential to the front or rear axles. If it is all wheel drive it has a transfer case or center diff. between the transmission and the differentials.

How do you put a 2001 ford explorer sport into 4 wheel drive?

If you have not ever done it since you bought it, I would'nt advise it. Unless of course you want to replace the transfer case, hubs and rear diff.

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Do LR3 land rovers have locking diferientials?

standard fitment in transfer box, and optional on rear diff.

3 vacuum lines for 94 jimmy transfer case?

Yep. Drivers side vent, linked to back of t-case and ran up to engine compartment to vent. Middle to back of engine for vacume. Passenger side to accumulater for front diff under battery.

How do you put your land rover in all wheel drive?

Your Land Rover is always in 4wd you CANNOT disengage 4wd. The procedure to engage low range on a modern Land Rover ( not a series vehicle) is.1. with the vehicle stopped and the engine running and the handbrake off.2. select neutral on the transmission.3. move the transfer case lever forward in to low range. (front right)4. To engage diff-lock pull the transfer case lever to the left.note diff-lock can be engaged at any time but should not be used on hard surfaces such as Pavement, or concrete. and should not be engaged during a turn or while there is a difference in front to rear axle speed... as this WILL DESTROY your transfer case!

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How do you remove a transmission on a 1990 Jeep Wrangler?

disconnect driveshaft from front diff, and rear diff where it connects to the transfer case, remove bell housing bolts, disconnect clutch hose, place a jack under the belly pan and remove the belly pan ( skid plate ) bolts, move the whole mess back a bit to clear the input shaft and lower the jack to the ground.

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the answer is 185hp and 205ft/lb and because it is four wheel drive minus about 10 or 15 form these figures, because of all the extra parts etc. the transfer case and the lower gearing in the diff. this info is for a 350cid

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Where is the oil drain plug on a Mitsubishi lancer?

oil for what rear axle ,ayc unit,gearbox,transfer box ,front diff or engineo or the brake fluid

How do you activate four wheel drive on a 2002 Land Rover Discovery II?

Arent they full time 4WD? Only driver participation should be selection of High/Low and Diff Lock. Land Rover Discovery's are all-time all-wheel drive. In the Discovery I's, there was high and low-range all wheel drive mode, and the option to lock or unlock your transfer case. In the early Discovery IIs, I believe it was 1999 and 2000, the transfer case from the Discovery I was used in some of the Discovery IIs, but there was no linkage attached allowing the transfer case to be locked. From my understanding, however, it is possible to lock the transfer case if you crawl underneath the vehicle and turn a bolt. The Discovery II uses its traction control to simulate a differential locker, applying up to 80% braking capacity to a slipping wheel. This greatly improves its off road capability.

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