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Listen, Betta fish aren't complicated at all. In fact, they can live up to ten seconds out of water, don't try that, but they can. But one thing they cant do, is live with another fish. Any fish at all. That is because they are carnivorious and they can't live in a tank with another fish because it will eat and/or kill it. Understand?

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Can ghost shrimp be kept with betta fish?

Provided the tank is large enough for both creatures you could try but it is possible that the Betta will rip the legs of the shrimp. To keep them successfully you will need a minimum of 3 gallons of water for the Betta and another 2 gallons for the shrimp, a filter, a heater/thermostat and a thermometer. So a (nominal) 5 gallon tank (which will only contain at most 4 gallons) is way too small.

How many gallons of water does a Betta need to survive?

A Betta can have any type of water . A Betta can live in a habitat from1- however many gallons your tank is . Just make sure to declorify the water . You could get some bettasafe from walmart Beta's can suvive in mere ounces of water, they are air breathers, just keep it clean and warm and never put 2 betas where they can see each other or in the same tank.

Are betta fish salt water?

Betta fish - Siamese fighter fish are not salt waters fish. But there is another breed of Betta which is called a marine betta and they are salt water fish.

What do you do if your betta fish is laying on its side?

There could be many reasons why your betta is behaving this way. One could be water quality, another could be too big of a change if you have recently changed the water and either the temperature was different, or the PH was too different; both can cause shock and may lead to fish death.

Will a betta fish live with a gorami fish?

The simple answer is yes provided you have a large enough tank. A Betta needs at least 2 gallons (3 gallons is better) and depending on the species of gourami you could need a 30 gallon tank for some species. The basic rule is :1 inch of fish needs a minimum of 1 gallon of water, a permanantly running filter, and at least 50% water changed every week.

How do we take care of our Betta Fish?

If your betta is in a tank or bowl that is 2.5 gallons or smaller, you should change 100% of the water once a week. If it's a 5 to 10 gallon, then change 50% to 75% of the water each week. Make sure that the new water you add back in is the same temperature of the old water, and use a water conditioner.Your betta only needs to be fed 2 to 3 betta pellets at a time two times per day.

Can Betta fish live in salt water?

No,the salt could probably blind them

How much water could an aqueduct carry?

An Aqueduct could carry about 1,000,000 gallons of water

How do you make betta fish strong?

let it flare to a mirror or another betta fish 24/7 for 3 days feed freeze dried blood worms or frozen clean water do a quick fight with your betta with another one 1-3 minutes

Can you put sucker fishes with bettas?

Provided the tank is large enough you can put almost any fish with a Male Betta. They will only fight another male of the same species. They do not fight with other species at all. 1 inch of fish needs a minimum of 1 gallon of water. That is the limiting factor. 1 Betta should be housed in a minimum of 3 gallons of water.

Does a betta fish like cold water?

you should put your betta fish in warm or room temp. water. it might be risky to put your betta in cold water!!!!

My Betta fish has inflamed gills what should I do?

Typically inflamed gills are a sign of ammonia poisoning. Make sure that you clean the water every few days if your betta is in something smaller than 5 gallons; if you have your betta in something bigger, then you should change 50% of the water each week making sure that the new water is the same temperature as the old, and add in the recommended dosage of water conditioner per the directions on the bottle.

Can betta fishs have filltered water?

Yes, but a Betta is better off in dechlorinated tap water.

Can a betta fish be in cold water?

A betta fish should not be in water colder than 72F

If a toilet runs how many gallons of water could possibly be wasted daily?

over 1,000 gallons

How much water could ranchers save?

They could be saving up to 15,000 to 25,000 gallons of water a year.

What does it mean when a Betta fish's water is bubbling?

that the betta wants to mate

How do you heal a betta fish wounds?

The best treatment is clean water and you may add up to 1tsp of aquarium / kosher salt per 5 gallons of water to prevent bacterial growth.

Is it ok if you put a Siamese fighter fish in with 2 mollies 2 neon tetras and 2 guppies in one tank?

2 Tetras = 2 gallons, 2 mollys = 6 gallons, 2 guppies = 2 gallons, 1 Betta = 3 gallons. Provided your tank holds a bit more than 15 gallons of water (about 20 gals) and your filter will handle the job, there is no reason I can think of that would stop you putting a Siamese Fighter (Betta splendens) in the tank with the fish species you mention.

What does it mean when a betta makes bubbles on top of its tank?

Male Betta splendens make bubbles when they are in breeding condition and ready to breed. Now, (provided your tank holds at least 10 gallons of water) is the time to add a female if you wish to breed them.

What do you do if your betta fish is not eating?

Something must be wrong if your Betta is not eating. Check which of the following you are not doing. Bettas are tropical fish and need their water to be heated to around 78F. A minimum sized container for a single male should hold at least 3 gallons of water and a cycled filter should be running 24/7. Given the above necessary conditions the Betta should eat OK. If you are missing out on the requirements the Betta will get sick and die eventually.

If Jim has 1 bucket with 2 gallons of water and another bucket with 5 gallons of water how many buckets does Jim have?

Jim has a total of 2 buckets.In the 2 buckets, there is a total of 7 gallons of water.

What lake has ten billion gallons of water?

There are hundreds of lakes that could have ten billion gallons of water. Lake Superior in Michigan is one of these lakes.

How much water would a container 132x192x36 inches hold in US Gallons?

This container could hold up to 3,949.71 US gallons of water.

How many gallons of water are in a box 8 feet by 2.5 feet by 3.5 feet?

This box could contain up to 523.6 gallons of water.

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