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No it wouldn't, but jump starting the car or over heating the engine would crap out the sensor.

I'm in the process of changing my crank position sensor now, but my original broke in my engine block ... so I need to drill a hole so I can pull it out without pushing it in my block. :(

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:31:36
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Q: Could a broken PVC elbow or vacuum line cause the crank position sensor to go out?
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Can you see a picture of crank position sensor?

no u could not

Will a camshaft position sensor make your 2002 jeep hard to start?

It could.It could.

Where is the crank position sensor located on a 1993 Infinity G20?

trying to replace crank position sensor but i have no ideal where to look it is 1993 infinity G20 could you help me find this sensor

Why is your wrangler not sparking?

Possibly caused by a bad Crank Position Sensor. Could also be the cam position sensor or the coil. They all work together.

What is wrong when the air conditioner on a 1989 Oldsmobile 98 regency blows out the top and not through the vents?

Could be a vacuum problem--either broken or disconnected hose or bad vacuum motor under dash or coming in through firewall Defrost is the default position for this system

Where is Camshaft Position Sensor located?

The camshaft position sensor is most likely located on the cylinder head of the engine. The location could vary depending on the manufacturer.

Your 1984 fiero 2.5 2m4 is idleing around 2700 RPMs need troubleshooting you already replaced the oxygen sensor but its still idleing high?

It could either be a leaking vacuum line, EGR Valve or I believe its a idle position sensor on the throttle body. If you're looking for a vacuum leak, spray some WD-40 around the vacuum lines till the engine RPM increases. You'll know right away. If it is a vacuum leak it could also be where the intake manifold joins the engine. In either case it is not a good idea to drive it as it could ruin your engine.

What causes car to shake when engine idles below 1500rpm and is in park?

Have system scanned if check engine light is on. I would check for vacuum leak and if none were found do a tune-up if due. May need a fuel system check ,,,,fuel regulator, fuel injector, fuel filter. Could be throttle position sensor or crankshaft position sensor. Could be a computer problem.

What is the problem with 1998 s10 not starting when it gets cold?

There are a few things that could be causing your S10 to not want to start in cold weather. You should check your throttle position sensor, coils or possibly a vacuum leak.

2003 Ponitac Grand Am P1133 Manufactures COde?

You either have a bad oxygen sensor or a vacuum leak. Code P1133 indicates a faulty heated oxygen sensor but a vacuum leak could also cause this code.

What is causing rpm surges in a 2004 dodge ram 1500 4.7L?

Probable failed TPS (throttle position sensor).

Why would an 2002 impala sputter when in idol mode?

could be a vacuum leak, or throttle positioning sensor

What does the code P1443 and or 420 mean on a 96 Ford Escort?

The p1443 code means a problem with the evaporative emissions system. There could be a problem with a broken or unhooked vacuum hose. Also could be a problem with the solenoid or sensor between throttle body and evaporative canister.

Could a crankshaft position sensor get fixed?

Repairing a crankshaft position sensor would be difficult if not impossible depending on what is wrong with it. They are relatively inexpensive so replacing it is the best option.

How do you fix a Chrysler PT Cruiser with a P0016 code?

Possible causes could be,Timing gear misaligned,Faulty crankshaft position sensor,Faulty camshaft position sensor,Engine oil dirty,Incorrect engine oil viscosity,Crankshaft position sensor circuit is open or shorted,Camshaft position sensor circuit is open or shorted,

What would cause the 2.9 engine to hunt idle and stall when cold?

Throttle Position Sensor, Choke, E.G.R., MAF sensor, one or another among a few, could have gone bad. Oh and Yes, a vacuum line has come undone or has eroded. One or a hundred things could be causing this problem. Y-THINK-Y

What would cause a 2002 Cougar to stutter on acceleration at low rpms?

Could be a multitude of different things, I am trying to fix that same problem. Could be bad a throttle position sensor, a leaking or detached vacuum hose or a dirty fuel filter is what I've heard.

How do you change a throttle position sensor on a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

"how do you change a throttle position sensor on a 1998 jeep grand Cherokee?" could someone without any experience do it?

What is wrong with a 1990 Mazda MX6 when no warm air blows out of heater or defrost vents?

the water control vale could be broken or have a broken vacuum line to the valve. If it is cable operated valve the cable could be broken or jamed. the heater core could be pluged

Why on your 1991 camaro the car runs all right at idle for about 30 seconds with map sensor vacuum line unplugged with it plugged in it immediately stalls could it be the map sensor or something else?

It sounds like the MAP sensor is bad. Make sure there is no cracks or holes in the vacuum line and if it is fine, replace the MAP sensor.

Have a OUTBACK 2000and wants to stall after warming up what could cause this?

Engine temperature sensor? Vacuum leak?

What does code po171 mean on a zx2?

Fuel mixture is too lean. Could be anything from a vacuum leak, dirty MAF sensor, bad O2 sensor, etc...

What happens when a crankshaft position sensor goes bad?

When a position sensor is going bad the engine could run rough, or cut off for no apparent reason. Or, the engine may not start at all.

Why does engine light come on a volkswagen golf mk4?

Could be anything. normally its the oil level is low or the sensor is broken. it could also be your oxygen sensors are broken and need replacing.

How many sensors are there in a 1995 Plymouth neon?

1. Engine Coolant temp sensor 2. Throttle Position sensor 3. Intake air temp sensor (IAT) 4. Manifold Absolute pressure sensor (MAP) 5. Knock sensor 6. Vehicle Speed sensor 7. Crankshaft Position sensor 8. Camshaft Position sensor 9. 02 sensor upstream 10. 02 sensor downstream 11. Vapor canister Leak detector These are only in the engine compartment. All that I could find in the wiring diagram. 11 just for the engine by my count, but I could have missed a couple.