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answer: i think it could, you should learn what will happen in this relationship:

1. you ask this person out

2. have your first kiss

3. go out a few more times and kiss a few more times"

4. take her to the bedroom

5. sex

As high school moves on so do your friends. Then finally you find the girl you like, you always want to ask her out but you can't ask in front of her friends,but you finally get her number, is it rude to ask through texting her or calling? And is it even worth trying if you really apreciate the friendship you have?

I think that some of the best relationships come out of friendships. when you are friends you are getting to know one another, you are comfortable around one another. then, as you get to know each other you realize that you have a lot in common and you would like to get to know more personaly things about the other person. then, because you are already such good friends, your relationship is companionable and fun and you know that you can trust the other person with your secrets and feelings.


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Q: Could a good friendship build a romantic relationship?
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How do you get a girl on the bed and make out with her?

Be romantic and start with a simple kiss and build up from there.

How do you prove she is the only girl for me?

First, do something crazy, special, romantic. Surpriseher in ways she will always remember (if you know her well, you'll easily come up with an idea). Then, work on the day after day thing. Build. Build. Build. Build the relationship, build your (true) image, build her trust, build your friendship, your complicity, together - with respect. ;)

What do you do if you have a crush on someone who likes you?

If you guys haven't talked yet you could start out as friends and build a strong friendship and start a relationship. You could also just ask them out. I wish you well.

You always want to Kiss whenever you see a girl what should you do?

Get someone to talk to, build a friendship or relationship with someone. If you have a relationship let your feelings out.

What are the advantages of friendship?

You get to know the person much better, become really close and possibly build up a relationship. Build trust etc etc.

What is a cheat to get married on sims 2?

There is no cheat, if you want Sims to get married you build their relationship up to a romantic one and then have one of them propose.

Is it OK when both sides agree to build the friendship with open romantic context for the future but do not want to get hurt from 'falling' but we want to have a good relationship without it?

You either love each other and have a sexual relationship or you become good friends and do not have a sexual relationship and both of you are only denying the fact you are simply afraid of failure in your relationship. Everyone takes a risk with someone they love but it is better to have loved than not loved at all.

Why is it important to build and cherish strong relationships?

Well actually, it should be Why is it important to build and cherish strong friendships? If we can't build strong Friendship and cherish them; then, How do you expect to go to the next level with that special person? Cause not caring for a friendship or a relationship for that matter you would lose it. Considering if you don't put any love and care into it. That partnership would be lost, due to lack of certain affections that would nuture a friendship or relationship to better heath and better and lasting bond thats my opinon.

How do you get engaged on Sims 3?

You have to build up the relationship pretty high and both of the sims have to be single. If they're not single you can ask the sim to break up with their partner, again the relationship bar has to be high. Then the engagement option should appear under the romantic section when you select the sim. If your sim has the Hopeless Romantic trait that means they will get the engagement option quicker and their romantic tries will increase the relationship quicker.

Become friends again with wife?

If there are children involved it is best to attempt to build a form of friendship. Every relationship is different and while some will never be able to form this relationship others fall into it easily.

Can you get a boyfriend on Sim's 3 wii?

yes, I recommend to say funny things to build a relationship then when you are friends do romantic things. Then click on "propose going steady"

How do you start a convo with someone you really like on the internet even thou you havens spoken to each other for long time?

"Hello" is a good place to start. Then ask about his life or hobbies and build a friendship. After a friendship you can start to develop a relationship

What does it mean when a guy says i don't want a relationship i want to build a friendship?

it means he doesnt like you... Answer He wants to be friends first.

How do you say i would love to build a relationship with you?

I would love to build a relationship with you

Can a sim cheat on another Sims 3?

Yes they can! All you have to do is build up a romantic relationship with another sim, and you're ready to start cheating! But if your Sim is caught by their significant other, be prepared for negative moodlets, and loss in relationship.

On The Sims 2 for wii can sims have a relationship and how?

Do you mean a romantic relationship? If so, the best way to start is to bond with another person in the same age group as your sim. Usually by being friendly and working up to best friends or just friends and then being romantic. Or just clicking be romantic. If you build it up you should be able to work up to confessing attraction and becoming Romantic Interest. Propose a more serious relationship then finally propose marriage. Eventually there will be the option to woohoo and try for baby. Happy simming!

How do you date on the sims3?

You will need to build up a relationship (just normal or romantic) then on your phone it should have an option saying go on date and from there you can choose who with. Hope that helped :)

Why should one not hurry into a romantic relationship?

It leads to bad communication. You have to build a foundation. * Arguments * Fights * LIFE OVER

Why was Ramadan created?

Ramadan was created so that the Muslims could build a closer relationship with God.

What is the meaning if the guy gave a necklace and you dated as a group but you dated once?

maybe that guy wants to build a friendship or relationship you but he is only shy, the necklace symbolizes a deep infatuation with you.

How should you flirt without it being completely obvious?

Flirt by doing little things for the person you are interested in. Ask about their day and what they watched on TV. Build your relationship foundation upon a friendship.

What does delicate situation means when trying to build a friendship with spmeone?

It means it must be handled carefully because it could go the wrong way quick

How do you build a girlfriend?

The question should be how do you build a relationship. A relationship is built through trust, commitment and love.

On build a bear ville where is the friendship forest?

i really do not know because i do not know what build a bear ville is

Where is friendship forest path in Build-a-Bearville?

I don't know