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Could a mouse build a nest in the heater box and repeatedly blow the resistors?

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answer yes the mouse has probaly also chewed thru wires causing a short

2015-07-15 18:31:59
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What could cause water build up on front floors in 92 grand am?

the heater core

Why is there no heat in 92 Geo Metro?

Your heater core may have gone out. Or you could have build-up in the lines.

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Adding more resistors in parallel always decreases the total effective resistance.So the total effective resistance of an infinite number of them would be zero ohms.Nice ! To build a superconducting ring, all you need is an infinite number of resistors.You don't need the liquid helium, and it superconducts at room temperature !

How will you get 6.75 ohm resistance in combination of resistors bacause i have no any value resistor is available?

6.8 ohms is a standard value, and 6.8 is within 0.74% of 6.75. If you need a precise value, use a potentiometer or start playing with resistors, because resistors have tolerance and you will not be able to build an exact 6.75 by just looking at values - you need to measure combinations.

Why does your Hot water heater groan?

There are a couple of reasons why your hot water heater would groan. The valves may not be opened correctly. Or there could be a build up of dirt on the bottom of the tank. Clean out the sediment by letting the water run out until it is clear and this should help.

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It could if it is a late build.It could if it is a late build.

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Why is there no hot air blowing when you turn on your heater in 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

check your antifreeze. open your radiator cap see if you have full radiator. if you are empty that's why. if your full trace the water flow to the heater there could be a valve or air duct flap hanging up.AnswerIt could also be you heater coil. Somtimes calcium and things will build up and it will not work any more or not as good. it could be a few things. The heat coil being the main one or you are not driving far enough for it to warm up.

Why should the immersion heater be placed at the bottom of the storage tank?

Inevitably there will be dust and dirt in the water supply and if these build above the level of the heater, it will probably overheat. The heater should be a few inches above the bottom of the tank.

How is the polarity of a resistor determined?

Resistors do not have a polarity. BY DEFINITION, a resistor is a device that follows Ohms law, and does so regardless of the polarity in which it is inserted into a circuit. Manufacturers of resistors do all they can to make their resistors follow that definition. One way to make a resistor have no polarity is to build it so that it is mechnically symmetrical about its two leads. Doing so will ensure that it will also be electrically symmetrical, and thus non-polarized

What is resistor pair?

A resistor pair is two resistors, often matched as to temperature coefficient and/or tolerance. This allows you to build a highly accurate and stable voltage divider.

How do you build a sofa frame?

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You turn on the heat and the air smells funny it kind of smells like glue what could cause this?

Could be bacteria build-upIf your vehicle has air conditioning the smell could be caused by build up of bacteria on the heater matrix and in the vents, as this bacteria decays it causes a smell inside the cabin, this can be resolved by purchasing air specialist air con cleaner the is sprayed into the air vents. The smell can also be caused by the heating of leaking coolant from the heater matrix, this would also combined with the car steaming up. Check the coolant level to see if it has dropped.

The heater in my 2000 eclipse rs doesn't work both of the pipes going into the heater core are hot any suggestions on what could be wrong?

I assume the blower motor is going. There might be an air bubble preventing the warm water from circulation through the heater core, you might have a build-up of sludge doing the same. Or maybe there's something broken in the valves in the air ducts preventing the heater from releasing warm air into the car.

Why does your 1994 Chevy Caprice heater not work?

Heater Core and New Thermostat. Through time build up of residue in the heater core does not allow heat to get pumped through. Simple Fix by your self. Run you around 80 for both

What would cause hot water to be brown?

Older heater with rust build up in the bottom of the tank.

Does anyone else have a 2003 Alero with a musty smell inside it which is worse with warmth?

Does the car have air con? If so there could be a build up of bacteria in your heater system that needs to be treated. take to local dealer to have the system sprayed. If no air con, are you losing coolant from header tank? Could be an indication of heater core leaking. Check to see if carpets are wet! If no coolant loss then it could be a leaking windscreen, roof, etc. Hope this helps

Twelve identical wires of resistance 6 ohm each are arranged to form the edges of cube the effective resistance bw the opp corners of cube is?

The effective resistance between opposite corners of a cube comprised of twelve 6 ohm resistors, one at each edge, is 5 ohms. There are several ways to solve this. One approach is to build a system of 12 equations in 12 unknowns, and solve them. Another approach is this... Consider that there are three resistors leaving the input node, and there are three resistors entering the output node. In between those three resistors, there are six resistors in a criss-cross matrix. (Draw it out, flattened, to see this.)Inspecting the six resistors in the center, you note that they are completely symmetrical. Since they are symmetrical, you can conclude that the voltage at the junction between the three input resistors and the six others is the same voltage. The same goes for the three output resistors. Said another way, the voltage across the three input resistors and the three output resistors is the same. Given two or more nodes in a circuit having the same voltage, you can draw a wire connecting them, i.e. a resistor of zero ohms. This does not change the characteristics of the circuit in any way, because zero voltage across any resistance is still zero amperes. Now that you have made these connections, look at the circuit. It has simplified to three parallel resistors, in series with six parallel resistors, in series with three parallel resistors. Three 6 ohm resistors in parallel is 2 ohms. Six 6 ohm resistors in parallel is 1 ohm. Three more 6 ohm resistors in parallel is 2 ohms. The total resistance is 2 + 1 + 2 ohms, or 5 ohms.

Can you check the blower resistor on a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country?

Yes you can check the resistor, or have it checked. The resistors are easy to replace (two screws). I had mine replaced several times under warranty then did it myself once or twice before determining that mice had build a nest in my blower motor which caused the resistors to blow.