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Anything is possible, however, not everything is probable. I don't think you should worry if this was a one time incident ont he night you conceived. Afterall, you can't change the past, so just do your best to provide a healthy environment for your baby to grow in from now on. Again, I don'think you need to worry. I drank (and was drunk) during two of my pregnancies, before I realized I was pregnant, and both of my babies are fine. Take care.

Many many babies are concieved this way. If it was the ACTUAL night you sex (not 1-6 days later), and you are 100% sure about it, then there should be absolutely no effect on your baby. Babies are concieved 1-4 days after having sex and by then all the alchol should have been out of your body.

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Q: Could it harm the baby if you were really drunk to the point of blacking out and throwing up on the night you conceived?
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