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This does not sound normal. Take a specimen of your pee to the doctor.

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βˆ™ 2006-08-06 10:08:03
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Why are you peeing every second?

Your weird!

What is something you do every single day?

Nap! :3 Lol I just do my work every single day.

Why is my female cat peeing on things in my bedroom and my male cat is pooping every were in my room could they be upset or something knowing that im getting ready to have a baby?

yes they could be upset but they have no idea that you are having a baby but try seeing a vet.

Can you move the earth?

In theory, yes. Could humanity? No. The Sun moves the Earth through gravity every single second of every single day. If you could find something with enough mass, you could affect the Earth's orbit - just like the Moon does. The bigger the mass, the bigger the gravitational effect.

Is peeing every hour normal?

hell no. maybe once every 4

Is peeing every thirty minutes bad?


Describe Mr Avery what do the kids wait for him to do every night?

Mr. Avery usually does something weird every night. The children wait for him to this, like sneezing uncontrollably or like peeing off of his front porch.

What does it mean when you are peeing every 20 mins?

Maybe problem is with your kidneys.

How can you stop your pug from peeing on your bed every night?

put in on the floor.

How do you get dog to stop peeing on the patio?

Squirt him with a garden hose every time he does it.

What happens in every single story?

Something. Seriously. Every story has something happen or it's a boring story. You need conflict and tension for it to be interesting, and that's when things happen.

Is an astronamer part of a scientist?

yes, it is because they discover something new every single day.

How does a green sea turtle adapt to its environment?

by pooping every where and peeingKaelie Horton

How do you keep your dog from peeing on the table?

punch it every time it does it.or grab it forcefully by the neck and lob it across the room.sooner or later it will begin to associate peeing on the table with pain, and stop.

Why are there different species of animals?

Different species of animals occupy different ecological niches. Each animal, in other words, has a specialty, there is something that it is particularly good at. No single animal could fill every ecological niche, any more than one person could work in every profession.

How long can you go without peeing?

It is not healthy to hold it for extremely long periods of time. For women they need to pee about every 2 to 3 hours comfortably. It really depends on your liquid intake,but if you are a male you should be peeing every 32 to 45 hours.

Can you get a drivers license from any dmv in your state?

I can't speak for every single state, but in every one I've lived in, you could.

What are firmware files?

They are known as Updates Every Single New Firmware Fixes Something or Adds a new feature

Are there any cheats on zombie GS?

yes yes there is if you search every single part of the Internet you will find something.

Are you ever going to get every thing you want?

No one has every single thing that they want in life (that i know of anyway), but you could always try.

Is there any special thing about planet mars?

well there is something specail. there could be things on there and were gonna find out cause people are going to MARS!there is something specail about every planetevery planet has something cool about it

How are angles used in sport?

Angles are used in sports because in every single sport requires something that uses a angle.

Why are motion sensing lights sustainable?

it has a small lazar that shines every single way and when something hits it it turns on the light

Can you be pregnant if you have your period two times a month and you pee every 20 minutes?

Peeing will not keep you from getting pregnant.

What is wrong if you feel like you have to urinate every hour and there's blood in you?

If you are peeing blood go to the hospital now.