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Could the fuel pump cause your 1994 Dodge Caravan to stall when slowing down or stopping?


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2015-07-14 15:06:34
2015-07-14 15:06:34

Listen to the gas tank while it is running and see if you can hear it humming. If it is really loud it a sign that it's weak. But its a very common problem on these vans to be in need of replacing the crank shaft positioning sensor, or cam shaft positioning sensor. You should be able to put it on a scanner at your local parts store for free to se exactly what you may need! ! Also it sounds to me like your transmission lock-up solidoid is not disengaging when you put your foot on the brake. It could be something to do with that or it could be your MAP sensor. Oddly enough when the MAP sensor goes out it makes the lockup solonoid to malfunction. Is it putting out black smoke sometimes when you rev it up? If so replace the MAP sensor and see if that clears it up.


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There are many causes to a 2005 Dodge Caravan stopping suddenly while driving. Some of these issues could be that the transmission went out, the car ran out of fuel, or there was not enough electricity to keep it running.

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I don't believe so but you could call a wrecking yard and ask them to be sure.

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