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Could you be pregnant by having two periods in one month?

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Just because you have 2 periods in one month doesn;t mean you are or are not pregnant. I would suggest that if you have all the signs of pregnancy, like sore breasts, queasy stomach, whatever, you seek medical attention right away. You could have a tubal pregnancy. If that is the case, the tube could rupture, you could also risk not being able to have kids in the future. I have had my period, had signs of pregnancy, have pregnancy test ( over the counter) say not pregnant, be bleeding for 3 wks. Have Dr take pregnancy test that says (borderline) and find out I had tubal pregnancy. Get checked out!

2006-08-27 15:56:37
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Your boyfriend came inside you for a whole month does this mean you could be pregnant?

If you have had periods and have been having unprotected sex - then you certainly could be pregnant.

Will the periods be on month apart and you STILL be preGNANT AFTER HAVING 3 MTHS OF PERIOD?

If you are having a period then you are not pregnant.

When your pregnant is your periods late just one month or every month?

While you are pregnant you do not have periods at all.

You have irregular periods But last month you missed a period and pregnancy test was negative This month around your period you are having a pink spotting Are you pregnant?

spotting is Implantation bleeding which is a sign of pregnancy so yes you could be pregnant

Why would you have two periods in a row in the same month?


Could you have your period for a hole month then found out that your pregnant?

yes! some people go their hole pregnancy without noticing that they are pregnant, having their normal periods and all. strange but true...

Could you be pregnant if you had a pomeroy done about 2 years ago and you have had periods to the exact day each month except this month you're late?

Could i be pregnant if i had a pomeroy done about 2 years ago and i have had periods to the exact day each month except this month I'm late?"

Could you be pregnant if you had two periods 11 days apart in the same month?

If the periods were normal flow for you, then no. You most likely have irregular periods.

How many periods should i have after sex to be sure I'm not pregnant?

After having sex you will have to wait for your period next month to know if you are pregnant, if you miss it you are pregnant.

If you have your period twice in one month is there a possibility that you could be pregnant?

No, its highly unlikely that you are pregnant with two periods but I would go see my OB/GYN to get check out. That is not right either.yes, you are having

You have missed your periods its now one month and two weeks?

If you missed your periods for a month and two weeks, contact a doctor. You could be pregnant or suffering from a medical condition.

Could you be pregnant if your periods have always been regular but this month it started 2 weeks late which is very odd and you're having pregnancy symptoms?

I you where having regular periods and now you are late the chances of being pregnant are pretty high especially if you are having symptoms related to early pregnancy so I would take a test to be sure.

Could you still be pregnant if you had a period last month but it was different and you had one this month but it was 11 days late and a pregnancy test was negative?

Its unlikely your pregnant because the period flow is normal. But you may be having irregular periods. See your doctor for a blood test.

Do you get periods 2 times in a month if you are pregnant?

You don't have periods at all..

Can you have a period a month after you got pregnant?

Yes. In some very rare cases people carry on having periods throughout pregnancy. However, in most cases periods stop during pregnancy, so you would not get your period a month after getting pregnant.

Is it possible to be pregnant and still get periods?

Sometimes you could be getting periods even into the third month. But after that, it usually stops. It is best to consult your doctor.

Can a woman have a period what time she is pregnant?

normally once you are pregnant , your periods stop. but sometimes , some ladys still get a show every month, so they dont always think they are pregnant, because the think they are still having periods.

Could having a second period in a month mean you are pregnant?

It is normal for a women to have 2 periods. If the period stops for a day or a couple days then starts again it is normal. But it is always safe to check and see if you are pregnant.~Taylor

Could you be pregnant if you have two periods in one month?

No, your cycle may be thrown off by harmone surges

What are the chances of getting pregnant if your partner had 2 periods in 1 month and the last 1 was around the middle of the month and she had unprotected sex at the beginning of the next month?

There is a chance she could be pregnant or this could be down to irregular period cycle. Get her to do a test.

What if a girl have her periods thrice in a month?

If they were regular before this incident they should probably go to the doctor but if they are new to having periods it could just be they have irregular periods!

Is it possible to get pregnant having two periods in one month for the first time?

Yes! You can! I had my three kids! Each of them every time after I have two periods with in one month. So I find out that I am most fertile the next month after that so I usually try having kids after my 2nd period! Worked for me 3 times already. I don't know how but it works for me! Haven't met anyone that has kids after having two periods in one month!

Can you still get pregnant even after you had your full period?

yes my sister had baby and she was having regular periods for three months in fourth month she start having movement she went to the Doctor and found her self pregnant

Can you be pregnant if you had two periods in one month?


Could you have periods and still be pregnant?

yes a girl i know spotted up until her 7th month of pregnancy