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You are very possible to be pregnant. The best thing to do is go get a blood test, urine tests are not 100% right, blood tests are. Plus if you are pregnant, it would be best for the doctor to know and see why there was blood spotting.

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Does spotting or prolonged periods or missed periods mean Im pregnant?


You have irregular periods But last month you missed a period and pregnancy test was negative This month around your period you are having a pink spotting Are you pregnant?

spotting is Implantation bleeding which is a sign of pregnancy so yes you could be pregnant

Is it possible to have periods for 3 months have a pregnancy after the 3rd month get negative results and still be pregnant?

If you have had your periods and a negative result, it is unlikely that you are pregnant

What if it has been 2months no period or even spotting and just took a test and it was negative can you still be pregnant?

It is not unheard of that you misss out on a one or more periods without being pregnant. I would keep the posibility in mind though.

You are confused you don't know if you are spotting or if you are on your period it is heavier then regular spotting but lighter then your periods could you be pregnant?

I really want the answer to this as well...?

Could you be pregnant after 3 periods?

Are you seriously asking this question?? There has been cases where women have had "period like" spotting/bleeding during pregnancy. If you have taken an hpt and it's been negative then the answer is NO!

Can girls get periods while being pregnant?

NOAnother AnswerThere may, however, be spotting during pregnancy.

I am spotting while on Implanon could I be pregnant?

Spotting is a common side effect with contraceptive implants. Signs of pregnancy are absent periods and positive pregnancy test.

Why would you spot between periods if a pregnancy test was negative?

A hormonal imbalance is a possible reason for spotting between periods & so is irregular periods. See your doctor for a examination.

Could you be pregnant if you are on Mirena and have been spotting but not getting a normal period?

Mirena is used to treat heavy periods as well as for contraception, so if your periods were normal it may reduce them to spotting. If in doubt take a pregnancy test.

You do not know if you are pregnant you have irregular periods you are 2 months late and you have a brownish pinkish spotting right now and cramping are you pregnant?

oh and my brests are tender!!!

What does it mean when you are spotting and slightly cramping and a negative pregnancy test?

if you don't get your period in a week, take another test. you could still be pregnant. sometimes people even have periods while they're pregnant. blood tests are always the best way to go.

How do u know if your pregnant-?

You know you are pregnant if you experience the following early symptoms;breast changes,fatigue and Spotting and Cramping. Above all if you miss your periods it means you are pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you had a negative blood test 20 days after sex and 2 periods?

No, when you have your period, that means that you are not pregnant.

Could a pregnancy test be negative and still be pregnant with your period?

you can not be pregnant at the same time you are having periods.

I was supposed to get my period but instead all I had was spotting dark brown and dark red blood its totally different from my usual periods I didn't even have cramps Did any preg women have this hapn?

You can still have spotting when you are pregnant. This is a normal symptom. I would talk to your doctor about any changes you are having.

Could you be pregnant if you have experienced 'spotting' between periods?

It's called spotting, and you're probably not pregnant but you should consult a physician if you think you are. Using protection guards against unwanted pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted disease, both of which can change your life forever.

Could I be pregnant I have been having my periods but on this last one i have light pink blood when i wip and spotting what does this mean?

Yes, you might be pregnant - take a test

If you have irregular periods last month you missed and you had intercourse a little over a month ago and now you have spotting what dose that mean?

There could be a possibility u could be pregnant specially if u have missed a period the spotting is usually normal in early pregnancy. I would say take a pregnancy test if its negative then since u have irregular periods its normal that spotting happens once in a while sometimes ur body is just tryin to get ur periods a bit stable. I hope this helps let me know good luk!

Can you have two periods nearly two months apart when pregnant?

While it is rare, some women do continue to have periods (I know a couple). Most likely is is heavy spotting due to being pregnant. That is much more common.

Can you be pregnant after giving birth7 weeks ago and a test was negative and still haven't had a period only a mild spotting?

You can get pregnant 7 weeks after giving birth. Highly unlikely! In most women who are nursing, periods can take a few months to come back regularly. Mild spotting is normal. Once your spotting stops, however, you can get pregnant even without a normal period. Be carefull, womens bodies don't usually recover from pregnancy and birth for about 1.5 - 2 years.

If you took two pregnancy tests and have had two delayed periods and other symptoms can you be pregnant?

Yes you may be pregnant but if the tests were negative then your probably having irregular periods.

We are trying to get pregnant and I'm spotting after sex 12 days before my periods due could i be pregnant?

Quite possibly - take a test. Hope it goes OK!

Had 2 periods negative blood test could you still be pregnant?

It's a possibility.

You have irregular periods and you think im pregnant but it dont show on the testers what do you do?

If you are still having periods and the tests have proved negative then you are not pregnant. What you should do is in future take more care with your contraception.

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