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no you can't because a automobile -truck engine thay are setup to run the way thay are built...

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Q: Could you cut out the middle 2 cylinders at the injectors to cut down on fuel consumption and hook the 2 injectors to 2 separate switches so you can reactivate them for the power?
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How do you replace the fuel injectors on a 2001 Saturn SC1?

Remove the fuel rail with injectors then separate the injectors. Check related link below:

Why are there two separate drivers for the fuel injectors in a 1992 Chevrolet?

one driver for each bank of injectors. Two banks, two drivers.

What is the v6 in line engine?

It is either a V-6 3 cylinders on each side of the block (2 separate heads) Or an in-line 6 all cylinders in a row (1 head)

Can you clean the fuel injectors with a fuel treatment?

As long as your fuel treatment contains a detergent. Xtreme Fuel Treatment contains a detergent and a demulisifier and polymerization dispersants to clean injectors, separate water and break up sludge.

How to replace rear brake cylinders on a 1999 Dodge Dakota?

Remove wheels Remove drums (Make sure parking brake is released Loosen and remove brake lines Remove mounting bolts Slide wheel cylinder out (may have to separate brake shoes slightly) Re-install new cylinders and Bleed new cylinders

What is a coil pack assembly?

A coil pack assembly is a coil that controls 4 or more cylinder using separate igntion wires for each. On a Taurus it will control the 6 cylinders.

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300 estimate charge 2 bad fuel injectors in 1995 Nissan Maxima estimate charge not rolled in to cost of repair but billed as separate item ended up paying 700 for rebuilt injectors was this a ripoff?

I would say this is a rip off. I found a web sit where you can get these injectors for $39.99 each and they have a 1 year warrenty! I think you should check them out, you could save some big $$$$$ Here is the name of the web site good luck!

Does the ignition key for a 1998 Ford Mustang GT also unlock the door or is a separate key needed?

Unless one of the key cylinders has been replaced, one key should work both.

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Does a cutlass have three ignition coils?

If your car has EIS ignition ( distributorless) and it is a 6 cylinder, then you have three separate coil packs. They are all grouped together, however, they can be replaced individually. Each coil pack fires two cylinders.

Can a bad O2 sensor cause a random cylinder misfire?

No. It would affect all cylinders equally, unless you've got a V engine with dual exhausts, two O2 sensors and possibly two separate FI computers,

How can coolant leak into your 1996 BMW 328i oil?

Most likely, your head gasket no longer seals properly. Coolant and oil normally circulate through separate channels in your engine. A faulty head gasket allows oil to pass into the coolant channels and vice versa. If your gasket is leaking, you will also have loss of compression in one or more cylinders and possibly white clouds of steam in your exhaust, from coolant getting into the cylinders.

Volkswagen Passat Questions How many ignition coils are there in a 2004 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 Lt. 4 Cy.?

Each cylinder has it's own separate ignition coil. The 1.8 T has four cylinders, so there are four ignition coils.

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Where are Spark plugs on a 2006 ford E250?

they are next to the fuel injectors. underneath the coil for each separate spark plug. no wires on the vehicle. just a boot with a spring connecting the coil to the spark plug. they look really tough to get to which is probably why you only change them every 100,000 miles as suggested by the manufacturer.

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