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yes u can at 6 flags magic mountain

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โˆ™ 2008-05-11 19:09:31
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Q: Could you get a job at fifteen years old in California?
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I am fifteen years old and i live in Scotland where could i get a job?

in a store!

Where in victorville California can a fifteen year old get a job?

in victorville California

Where could you find a job for pre-teens?

in most places you have to be fifteen before you can get a job

Is it any jobs for twelve years old?

Not any nine to five job, but you could work for your parents and neighbors. But, you can't work anything that is actually "job worthy" until your fifteen.

How could a fifteen year old girl in owensboro KY get a job?


What was Susan B. Anthony's first job?

Susan B Anthony's first job was teaching. She was a teacher for fifteen years.

Why did Marjia get a job?

Because a lady who had worked the plant for fifteen years had become sick.

Where can you get a job asap?

Where Can I Find A Job in thornbury. i am fifteen Years Old And is 16 in June 25th But Really Need A Job Please Help Me x

Where can you get a job at fifteen years old?

In Australia working at McDonalds or KFC!! Good luck junior!!

Can you get a job when your 12 years old in California?


Can you get a job at a police station at 16-years old in California?

No, you need to be 17 years old.

Do you believe it is hard to find a job now?

I'm having a hard time finding a job. what state is not feeling the recession and where do I apply for a job? I been working in the mortgage field fifteen years.

Summer jobs for 15 years old in Cleveland Ohio?

No, there aren't any jobs for fifteen year old. All the places that say they hire at fifteen don't really do. If you get a job please tell me because I'm fifteen and i swear i put so many applications out there and only one called me. They said my application was great and it was good for there standards, that I would of got the job if I was fifteen.

Where can a 16-year-old in southern California get a job?

A 16 year old in Southern California can get a job in a few different places. They could babysit or cut grass.

What is the job outlook for a horse trainer?

The job outlook for a horse trainer is favorable. Animal service careers are predicted to increase by fifteen percent over the next twenty years.

Why did Marija get a job in the book The Jungle by Upton Sinclair Jr?

because a lady who had worked the plant for fifteen years had become sick

Can a fifteen year old get a job in Scotland?


What to expect in a job interview as a fifteen year old I'm fifteen and about to go into a job interview for a part time marketing position but am not entirely sure what to do?

just relax and and be your self.

Where can one find federal job openings in northern California?

There are many websites that one could go to in order to find a federal job in Northern California. Government Jobs, America Job, and Wildland Fire each have sites that offer this.

Where in California can one find a night job?

One can find a night job in California, by going to many of the bars and clubs that have a busy nightlife. Depending on what you're looking for, you could be a bartender, a bouncer, or a server.

Where can a fifteen year old get a job in Greensboro NC?


Where can a fifteen year old find a job in Dayton Ohio?

no where

What was Eminem's first job?

working at mcdonalds at the age of fifteen

You are fifteen where can you find a job in Edmond OK?

newp =P

What do you need in order to work at age fifteen?

a job permit