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Could you get a job at fifteen years old in California?


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yes u can at 6 flags magic mountain


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in most places you have to be fifteen before you can get a job

Not any nine to five job, but you could work for your parents and neighbors. But, you can't work anything that is actually "job worthy" until your fifteen.

Because a lady who had worked the plant for fifteen years had become sick.

Where Can I Find A Job in thornbury. i am fifteen Years Old And is 16 in June 25th But Really Need A Job Please Help Me x

Susan B Anthony's first job was teaching. She was a teacher for fifteen years.

In Australia working at McDonalds or KFC!! Good luck junior!!

I'm having a hard time finding a job. what state is not feeling the recession and where do I apply for a job? I been working in the mortgage field fifteen years.

No, there aren't any jobs for fifteen year old. All the places that say they hire at fifteen don't really do. If you get a job please tell me because I'm fifteen and i swear i put so many applications out there and only one called me. They said my application was great and it was good for there standards, that I would of got the job if I was fifteen.

The job outlook for a horse trainer is favorable. Animal service careers are predicted to increase by fifteen percent over the next twenty years.

because a lady who had worked the plant for fifteen years had become sick

A 16 year old in Southern California can get a job in a few different places. They could babysit or cut grass.

working at mcdonalds at the age of fifteen

One can find a night job in California, by going to many of the bars and clubs that have a busy nightlife. Depending on what you're looking for, you could be a bartender, a bouncer, or a server.

Well you could get a new job and get on with your life.


yeah you could but really have to be 15 years old to get a job....

No, sorry it is against the law to get a job when you are under the age of 16, some places are fifteen. Keep your head up and wait a few more years. Enjoy it wihile you can

im a fifteen year old girl who needs a job within the 760 area code

Mc Donald's , waitressing, a lot of jobs where your not serving liquor or using a machine,or tobacco products. sonic. good luck!

Seeing yourself five, ten or fifteen years from now is a good way to help you reach your goals. Making a list will help you reach these goals. Some people see themselves married or with a new job, while other see themselves retiring and enjoying the grandchildren.

yes by asking to do ppl chores & tutoring

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