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Could you give you some advice on how you can help your four year old school child with some learning activities?

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2007-06-19 13:32:27

The library has Hooked on Phonics. You can do flash cards with

them and Walmart and Target have age appropriate learning books,

for each grade level in elementary. You can also make the things

you do with them every day fun. What ever they are into, count how

many they have, ask them what letter the toy starts with. Read

books together that have pictures and ask them those questions.

Look for group activities in the local papers for summer programs,

get them into a age appropriate sport. When your in the car play

guessing games about animals and things you see. Craft stores have

great activities you can do together. Start a fun calendar with

them and ask them what things they want to do to help them become

and independent thinker. Starting a garden with them is great too,

you can count the seed, count the days the seeds take to pop, they

can learn about life and how it grows and then see a beautiful,

possibly edible product in the end, put a bird feeder outside a

window, have them watch and count the birds. Take them to Science

centers, they have areas for 4 year olds to do things. Have play

dates with other 4/5 year olds and have games ready for them to

play. The list goes on and on and the only road block is the limit

to your imagination. The space for this is getting small but I do

want to let you know that yes, I did all these things and more with

my now, 13, year old son and he is a gifted child in school and has

compassion and a great way about him. Good luck and enjoy yourself.

I do know that repetition is the greatest tool we can arm ourselves

with to teach our children, that is after all how we humans learn

and utilize some of our best abilities. ........

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