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Yes, it is possible to have a period while pregnant. Many women experience light bleeding during the first weeks of pregnancy, either slightly before or at the time they expect their period. They assume that it is a normal period, even though it may be light, but it may be implantation bleeding, which occurs when the fertilized egg implants into the uterine wall. Other women experience regular periods throughout the entire pregnancy.

You can be pregnant and still have a period, of sorts. You can also get pregnant while on your period and females have to watch their Lunar Cycle. When a woman ovulates in response to lunar activity, consistent with that activity on one's birth date.

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Q: Could you still be pregnant after your period came if you had a lot of pregnancy symptoms such as menstrual-like cramps and bloating and gasiness that was much more intense than PMS?
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Could you be pregnant if your stomach is bloated but not hard?

Signs of pregnancy are an absent period and positive pregnancy test. Bloating is not a sign of early pregnancy.

If Nipples hurt have head aches and bloating are you pregnant?

It is possible, since they can all be side effects of pregnancy

Is bloating and swollen breast and sore nipples an early pregnancy sign?

Yes all of those are signs of being pregnant i read a book on pregnancy and that's some of the signs of being pregnant.

Bloating with bleeding during early pregnancy?

Go and see a doctor you can have bloating while pregnant you can bleed while pregnant the bleeding is a period some women have periods while pregnant if your worried go see a doctor good luck! From pink princess

Is being bloated a sign of pregnancy?

Being bloated is a symbol of a lot of things. But while you are pregnant you can experience bloating.

My period is 13 days late and I've be getting backaches headaches bloating and cramping am i pregnant?

You can miss your period in several cases including pregnancy, stress, medication, illness, etc. Bloating and cramping are more typical for late period but not pregnancy. Pregnancy test will be recommended.

Are gas bloating and slight nausea signs of being pregnant?

Yes, they are. You should take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

I have my period and am very dizzy with other pregnancy symptoms - can I be pregnant?

There is a small chance you could be pregnant but with your period you can get dizzy, have cramps, bloating, headaches, backaches, and feel like you are pregnant. The best way to find out for sure is to take a pregnancy test.

What can be done to prevent bloating in pregnancy?

It is possible to reduce bloating during pregnancy but unfortunately most pregnant women will experience it. The main thing that can reduce bloating, is to make sure to eat the right foods. Talk to your doctor about the right foods to eat, but fruits and vegetables are always good. One should make sure to drink plenty of water as well.

What are the simptoms of pregnancy?

Tender, swollen breastsA missed periodNausea or vomitingPeeing a lotAbdominal bloatingFeeling tiredIf you want to have proof that you ARE pregnant, then a pregnancy test would be best.

You are 5 weeks pregnant and very bloated is that normal?

Bloating during pregnancy is VERY normal. I am 16 weeks pregnant now and some days I still have extreme bloating. Even when I was only 6 or 7 weeks pregnant, I looked much more than that because I was so bloated. It does get better though the further along you get.

What are some of the early symptoms for a pregnant woman?

early pregnancy symptoms are so similar to period symptoms that it is so hard to tell. There is bloating, cramping, breast pain, and just "knowing" your pregnant

Could you be pregnant if your tubes were tied almost 6 years and now are having pregnancy symptoms such as bloating late period and upset stomach?

You can't get pregnant if you had your tubes tied. It's not medically possible.

When you are pregnant do you eat and feel as if your not full?

It's usually the opposite but you might be hungrier then normal when pregnant. The bigger the fetus get and there is also the bloating, the less room it feels like there is. What you are asking is not typical for pregnancy though.

Could you be pregnant if you have two weeks before your next menstrual cycle and you have been having unprotected sex with your partner and you are now experiencing headaches and bloating?

You will not have signs of pregnancy that early. Headaches and bloating are signs of a period on its way more than of pregnancy. But if you are having unprotected sex, you could be pregnant regardless. If you want this then good--if not use condoms no matter how much he protests because it's your body.

Are these early signs of pregnancy lower abdomen bloating and cramping also lower backache?

They can be but they are also classic PMS symptoms. If you think you could be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see your Dr.

When pregnant when does bloating start?

There is no set time for any pregnancy symptom to start nor any guarantee that you will have it. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. You could have it around 5 or 6 weeks or you could never have it.

How are you supposed to feel if you think you are pregnant?

haha oh boy if you "think" you are pregnant you should get a test. Answers vary depending on how far along you are. Usually in early pregnancy you feel tired sore breasts nausea and bloating.

Can bloating make you ffel like your pregnant?

of course!

If i am pregnant is it possible that your husband can feel any symptoms?

Yes, it is possible. There is a phenomenon called "sympathetic pregnancy" where your mate or another person very close to you will begin to feel the symptoms of pregnancy (like nausea, bloating, and food sensitivity).

Does bloating mean im pregnant?

No, it probably means that you are about to have your period. Typically, the first sign of pregnancy is morning sickness, although you might miss your period before you have morning sickness.

Bloating and sore breasts means what?

You are pregnant more then likely

If you dont feel pregnant and you have all the symptom's of pregnancy and have your period what does that mean?

If you had your period after unprotected sex then you are not pregnant. As regards to the symptoms it may just be the usual sickness that some women get during their period such as cramps, bloating and lower abdominal pain.

Is it normal to have cramp's and bloating and sore breast 8 days after period?

I'm no expert but i have been reading alot about symptoms of pregnancy. it could be that your pregnant. some times there is some bleeding even if your pregnant. best to talk to your doctor though

Can you be pregnant if you are on the pill and got a much lighter period but are experiencing symptoms such as bloating and headaches?

Bloating and headaches and vaginal bleeding indicate a period or withdrawal bleeding, not pregnancy. The birth control pill normally makes the period lighter and shorter. If you missed pills, take a pregnancy test, but any amount of brown or red bleeding or spotting counts as a "period" on the pill.