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The countries involved in trade during the industrial revolution were Britain, USA, Africa and part of Canada. there was two types of trade one was slavery were they used to trade African slaves, and the other was when they traded goods during industrial revolution.

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Q: Countries involved with trade
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What is the 3 main countries who were involved in the slave trade?

What is the 3 main countries who were involved in the slave trade?

What countries were involved in the Trans Saharan Trade?

which counties were involved in the trans-Saharan slave trade

Who was involved in the slave trade?

The main countries involved were America, Britain and the West Africa.

How many countries are involved in international trade?

bout a thousand

What countries were involved in the triangular trade?

Social studys is lam

What three countries were in the transatlantic trade?

It is not clear to what period or what kind of trade you are referring. If it's the trade after the discovery of the Americas the countries most involved were Spain and Portugal and later, England. If it's the transatlantic slave trade, the countries involved were England and the United States, and to a lesser extent Portugal and the Dutch Republic.

What countries were involved with the triangular trade?

North America, Europe, and Africa

What Countries were involved in the Triangular Trade Route?

Britain Africa and the Americas

What countries continents were involved in triangle trade?

The triangle trade involved Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Europe provided manufactured goods to Africa, Africa supplied slaves to the Americas, and the Americas sent raw materials and goods back to Europe.

Which countries were most involved in fur trade?

the dutch, french, and the aboriginals of Canada

What 3 countries are involved in the triangle trade?

north america, europe, and africa

What were the slaving countries?

The countries that were involved in the slave trade were: Europe and western Africa :D Europe and "West" Africa are Continents.