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Germany Italy and Japan :)

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Who was on the allied and axis powers?

first we will start with the axis. there were the Nazis, Italians (they dropped out of the war in 1943), and japanese. the allies had the US, Canada, britain, and most of the other countries in europe.

What are the World War 1 allie countries?

The allied countries of world war one where: the British Empire, France, Russia, Belgium and later the Americans. Whilst the Central powers were the Germans, Austrohungarians, Italians (at the start), Ottomans and the Bulgarians

When World War 1 first began the Allied Powers included Great Britain France and who?

When the war began, the major powers on the Allied side were Great Britain, France, and Russia. Other countries who were on the side of the Allies at the start included Serbia, Belgium, and Japan. Other countries joined later, like the US, Italy, Greece, and some small kingdoms in the Arabian peninsula.

What countries were the US's enemy's during World War 2?

The US were supporting Britain from the start of the war, but were not directly involved in the war. Germany attacked US ships that were carrying support to Britain. So the US joined the war with the allied powers against the Axis powers. US enemies were the Axis powers who were Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

What were the eight countries that fought in World War II?

The Axis Powers at the start of the World War were Germany, Italy and Japan. These countries made an agreement called the tipartite part in 1937, in which they agreed to help each other in military conflicts. Finland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Thailand were also part of the Axis Powers.The Allied Powers, or Allies, were the United Kingdom,France, and China at the start of war in September 1939. The Soviet Union joined the Allies in June 1941 after being invaded by Germany, and the United States joined the war on the side of the Allies on December 11th, 1941, four days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, when Hitler declared war on the U.S. Canada, India, South africa, Austrailia, and New Zealand were also part of the Allied coalition as British dominions. Brazil, Greece, and Mexico were also part of the Allied Powers.

What countries made up the Axis powers at the start of World War 2?

The main two countries that made up the axis powers at the beginning of world war 2 was Germany and Italy. Later in the war, Japan joined them.

What four countries made up the major opposition to the central powers?

At the start of the war, the major Allied Powers were the United Kingdom, France, and Russia. In 1915, Italy joined the Allied side as the fourth major power.However, early in 1918, Russia left the war because they suffered a pair of revolutions and the beginning of a civil war. In April 1917, the United States joined the war on the side of the Allies too, and finally started fighting around the time Russia left. So it is reasonable to say that the US replaced Russia in the Allied side even though that is an imprecise description.

Who were the alliances to Germany in World War 1?

It was the Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria and Italy (at the start)VERSESthe Allied Powers: Britain, France, Russia and, later, Italy (who swapped sides halfway through the war).

What were the allied countries in world war 2 for Europe?


Why did the D-Day invasion start?

D-Day was the start of the Allied attack on Nazi occupied France (specifically Normandy), in attempt to re-capture France and start counter-attacks on the rest of Nazi occupied European countries.

What are they six allied powers of World War 1?

Great Britain, France, Russia, the United States, Italy, and maybe Serbia. I thought that there were only five, but Serbia helped to start the war, so...

What powers did Eos have?

Eos has no powers but to only start the dawn of day

How many 8 letter countries start with A?

they a many countries in the world start with the letter A but no countries that has 8 letters that start with A

What countries did Germany bomb?

Poland, the Czechs,the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, France, Belgium, Italy (after the Allied invasion) Great Britain. They bombed Spain before the start of WW 2.

Who composed the start spangled banner?

John Stafford Smith composed the Star-Spangled Banner.

Which African countries start with p?

There are no countries in Africa that start with the letter P. There are 54 countries in Africa that start with 15 letters, but none start with P.

How did Hera earn her powers?

The gods did not earn their assignments or powers - they just had them from the start.

Who was not an allied power early in the war?

France __ France was in the war from the very beginning. It was Italy that joined the allied side after the start of the war.

Why did president Wilson accept the treaty of Versailles?

He thought it was the only way to make the conflicting countries not start a war again and also he was over ruled be the European Powers.

How many countries start with letter w?

There are no countries that start with the letter "W"

What countries start with the letters of the alphabet?

ALL countries start with a letter of the alphabet.

Did wolverine from the xmen start off as a human?

no xmen were born with their powers they grow into their powers

What countries start with f in Europe?

There are two countries in Europe that start with F. The two countries are Finland and France.

What countries start with CH?

Three countries start with the letters Ch. The three countries are Chad, Chile and China.

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