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Soda alway's try's to understand everyone. he never hollers. he is also "movie star handsome".

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hope this helps
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In the book the outsiders, Sodapop is the brother that has to take sides he can be described as a drop out or handsome

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Q: Describe Sodapop Curtis in The Outsiders?
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Related questions

Who played Sodapop in The Outsiders?

In The Outsiders, Rob Lowe played Sodapop Curtis.

What is Sodapop's surname in The Outsiders?

Sodapop ( Soda's) surname is Curtis.

How old is Sodapop in the Outsiders?

Sodapop Curtis is 16, going on 17.

What is an action that sodapop curtis does in The Outsiders?

he is wierd

What are the names of ponyboy curtis' brothers in the outsiders?

Darry and Sodapop Curtis

Who are ponyboys brothers in the book the outsiders?

Darry Curtis and Sodapop Curtis.

Who were ponyboy's brothers in The Outsiders?

Darrel (Darry) Curtis and Sodapop Curtis.

Who does sodapop curtis want to marry In the outsiders?


When is sodapop curtis birthday is The Outsiders?

October 8

What is Sodapop's last name in the book The Outsiders?

Curtis .

What is sodapops last name outsiders?

Sodapop Curtis

Who plays sodapop curtis in the outsiders?

Rob Lowe

The character the outsiders that gets drunk on plain living?

That quote was used to describe Ponyboy's brother, Sodapop Curtis.

What is soda pops last name in outsiders?

His full name is Sodapop Curtis

Whats sodapops name from outsiders?

Sodapop Curtis. If you read the book you would know that Sodapop Curtis is on his birth certificate.

What happens to Sodapop Curtis after the book Outsiders?

He dies in Vietnam.

What movies did rob lowe play in?

The Outsiders as Sodapop Curtis

Sodapop Curtis's age- The Outsiders?

16, almost 17

Does Sodapop Curtis have a car in The Outsiders book by S.E. Hinton?


Who played Soda Pop in the movie The Outsiders?

Rob Lowe portrayed Sodapop Curtis in The Outsiders.

What is sodapop curtis from the outsiders religion?

his religion was very unusual... he was a satanist

How did Sodapop Curtis die?

Sodapop Curtis dies in the Vietnam war. this is if you talking about the outsiders this is when the book is finish he doesn't die in the book. This is after Ponyboy does his report

Which actor plays Sodapop Curtis in the movie?

Rob Lowe plays Soda Pop Curtis in The Outsiders.

How does Sodapop Curtis change in The Outsiders?

i guess he was stupid and wanted to have sex with cherry

What are the kidbrothers in outsiders?

there brothers and you must be talking about Darry, Sodapop and Ponyboy Curtis