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There are many times when people solve a problem for a customer but they do not like it. They simply just have to apologize for making the customer unhappy.

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Can you describe a situation when you produced an imaginative solution to a problem?

descibe a situation that could produce it.

What word can describe a situation whereby the same person that Causes a problem provide a solution?

Opportunity, Opportunist? Catalyst? Antibiotic? Con Artist?

Describe a situation where you helped a customer solve a problem?

This question will need to be answered based on a person's own personal experience. The employer will want to know what the specific person has done.

Describe a time when you have successfully solved a challenging problem or overcome a difficult situation using your initiative?

Describe a time when you have successfully solved a challenging problem or overcome a difficult situation using your initiative?

Describe a problem you had to solve?

Always say, The customer is always right ..

How do you solution customer complaint?

Listen, agree and try to resolve the problem best you can!

This negative word should be removed from your customer service vocabulary and replaced with situation?


What is the antonym of solution?

Solution: Solving a problem, dealing with a difficult situation, or the correct answer.Some antonyms are problem, trouble and question.Solution: A liquid mixture of two or more substances.Some antonyms are chemical and element.

Describe a time you effectively handled a customer complaint?

You could say, 'I made sure the customer knew they were heard and understood.' If you had the authority to make it right, then describe what you did to fix the problem.

How you handle irate customers on the phone?

Do not argue.Be a good listener.Be sympathetic and express regret.Try to rectify the situation.above are the solution to handle irate customer on the phone.Note: If any gest irate it means he wants solution... then try to solve the problem.

What is it to identify the single solution to a situation of problem is a crucial element of critical thinking?

it is true

What are strong analytical skills?

Problem solving, logical thinking towards a problem. in short,the capability of analyzing the situation,people,problem and arriving to a solution.== == from?

While a technician is listening to a lengthy explanation of a problem the technician identifies the solution to the problem how should the technician proceed?

Wait until the customer has finished speaking, and then explain the possible solution.

Why customer service excellence is important?

based on my experience, customer service is first person to handle with customer problem. they represent how does the company value is being integrated in pragmatic solution

Why is it important to understand the customer's problem before creating a software solution?

It is important to understand the customer's problem before creating a software solution because the problem may not be in the original software. The problem might be in what the customer is doing while using the software.

How do you describe scientific method and illustrate how you would use it to solve a problem?

Scientific method is described as a scientific approach to a problem. To solve a problem you must first find the problem, access it, hypothesize a solution, illustrate your solution, try the solution, and then finally try it. If this does not work start over.

Describe a difficult problem you had to sort out in your last job?

In a job interview you may be required to describe a difficult problem that you had to sort out in your last job. You could talk about a time you dealt with a difficult customer.

What step will you take to convince your customer not to close their account in your bank?

i will ask the customer what kind of problem does customer facing in our bank and then i try give solution based on customer quires. if customer is facing the problem like improper account maintaining. for that first i will ask apology and promise them the mistake never repeat again.

What is meant by a solution in search of a problem?

A solution in search of a problem is a saying used to describe a design or proposal that lacks purpose. Typically, a design is created as a solution to a tangible problem that will be solved or alleviated by the solution. Without first identifying a problem to solve, the designer could become very frustrated by the lack practical application for his design.

How would you cope with a difficult customer?

depends up on the situation but i quiet confident i can tackle the any kind of problem

Have you had to deal with a difficult customer and if so what do you do?

You could deal with a difficult customer by using active listening and letting them know that you have empathy. You could also make the problem right or seek a mutually acceptable solution to the problem.

Describe a solution and its parts?

well the two parts to a solution are solute and soluble which make the basic foundation to the solution. or if you are talking about the non scientific term solution means to solve or to figure out a problem.

How would you describe decision making?

Decision making, also referred to as problem solving, is the process of recognizing a problem or opportunity and finding a solution to it.

How do you handle the situation if a customer asks for a service that not provide?

I will disscuss about the problem and communicate to company immediately and re-solve the issue.

Define technological innovation?

Technological innovation means to develop a better solution for a current problem or situation. This solution will come through effective new products.