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Development of different type of tourism?

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Their a lot of different type of tourism. They are Eco- tourism, Community,Heritage/ Culture, Cruise & Special events.

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What are the different types of tourisms?

1 type of tourism is ECO - TOURISM

What is the relation between tourism planning and tourism development?

Tourism planning is the planning how to implement it. After implementation development is done.

What are factor hindering tourism development in goner?

Major crimes hindering tourism development in Tanzania

Who is the Minister of Tourism Development for Chad?

Mahamat Allahou Taher is the Minister of Tourism Development for Chad.

When was India Tourism Development Corporation created?

India Tourism Development Corporation was created in 1966.

What is tourist development?

Tourism development involves broadening the ownership base such that more people benefit from the tourismindustry, skills development, ...

The Definition of the Domestic tourism?

This type of tourism is also called internal tourism this consists of staying in your own country but visiting a different city in which you do not live in.

The role of natural resources in tourism development Nigeria?

the role of natural resources in tourism development Nigeria

What are stages of tourism development?

I hope you fail the tourism test.

What role can the local bodies and officials play in tourism development?

motivation of domestic tourism and development in transport sector

When was Kerala Tourism Development Corporation created?

Kerala Tourism Development Corporation was created on 1966-11-01.

How can Ghana suffer a great deal if not with tourism?

without tourism a countries development will suffer.give reasons and explain

What is tourism development?

Tourism development is the overall development of our tourist potentials to attract business,exchange culture and raise foreign exchange which will eventually lead to popularity

When was Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation created?

Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation was created on 1957-07-01.

Name four type of tourism?

name 4 type of tourism 1-yoga tourism 2-advancture tourism 3-ice-land tourism 4-eco tourism

Why is the development of transport links important to development and tourism?

safety for all

What is the relation of tourism planning to tourism development?

Development produces the facilities the tourists will use. Planning tells you where these will be best located and how big they need to be.

What are the negative obstacles that prevent tourism development in Angola?

Insecurity in Angola and the foreign travel advisory are the negative obstacles that prevent tourism development in Angola. Poaching is also leading to a decline in tourism.

Impotance of tourism in sauth Africa?

Tourism brings development to the poor in rural areas.

What is a cruise tourism and types of cruise tourism?

what are the type of cruise tourism

What is tourism planning and development?

Check on the internet.

What are the issues affecting tourism development?


What is the role of government financial incentives in tourism development?

Foreign exchange earnings and increase in government revenues from tourism result in infrastructure development such as roads, sewage, ...

What has the author Antonios Andronikou written?

Antonios Andronikou has written: 'Development of tourism in Cyprus, harmonization of tourism with the environment' -- subject(s): Tourism

What is pro poor tourism?

Pro-Poor Tourism (PPT) is tourism that results in increased net benefits for poor people. PPT is not a specific product or niche sector but an approach to tourism development and management. It enhances the linkages between tourism businesses and poor people, so that tourism's contribution to poverty reduction is increased and poor people are able to participate more effectively in product development. Links with many different types of 'the poor' need to be considered: staff, neighbouring communities, land-holders, producers of food, fuel and other suppliers, operators of micro tourism businesses, craft-makers, other users of tourism infrastructure (roads) and resources (water) etc. There are many types of pro poor tourism strategies, ranging from increasing local employment to building mechanisms for consultation. Any type of company can be involved in pro-poor tourism - a small lodge, an urban hotel, a tour operator, an infrastructure developer. The critical factor is not the type of company or the type of tourism, but that an increase in the net benefits that go to poor people can be demonstrated.