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Did Abigale Adams have an impact on her husband's opinions for the constitution?


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July 15, 2015 7:56PM

Abigail Adams had an influence on every aspect of her hsuband's life from the day the were married until the day that death took her from him and beyond. She also profoundly influenced another future American president, her son John Quincy. If you have any doubt of this, simply go to the Massachusetts State Historical web site and read their letters. You will come away with a new understanding and a considerable respect for this amazing woman. One should also take a new look at the concept of "republican motherhood." All these great men that we speak so highly of as our "founding fathers" all were influenced greatly by the women who raised them. With the possible exception of Alexander Hamilton these men all were raised by great women.And in Hamilton's case, this omission might be the "telling flaw" in his character.