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Did Alexander the Great and Roxanna have any children?

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Alexander the great and Roxanna had one son named Alexander IV of Macedon who was born after his father, Alexander the Great had died. 14 years later, Cassander, to secure his rule in Macedonia, in 309 BC, commanded Glaucias to secretly assassinate the 14-year-old Alexander IV and his mother.

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Alexander had a son who succeeded him as Alexander IV of Macedon. He lived from 323 B.C . - 309B.C. His mother was Roxana of Bactria.

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Alexander married Roxanna as a political move as part of his drive to assimilate the Persian Empire into the Greek civic and cultural model. He had relationships with other males and females, and at least two other marriages. With no direct evidence of his motives, the assumption is that he married Roxanna for political reasons, just as he had all his leading soldiers marry Persian women, and recruited 30,000 Persian youths into his army, to promote a bond with the conquered people.

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