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Congress hasn't declared war since December 11, 1941 (against Germany & Italy).

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Q: Did Congress declare war on Vietnam?
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Did congress declare war in the Vietnam war?

WWII was the last time.

Who has the authority to declare war?

Congress has the authority to declare war. Congress has the authority to declare war.

Why didn't congress declare war on Vietnam?

Because it was a CIVIL War between North and South Vietnam and Congress did not believe we needed to declare war, so instead Kennedy sent troops to Vietnam without a declaration of war. Hope this helps whoever asked the question, cause I have a report on the war due tomorrow

What is the power of congress to declare war?

It takes a vote of congress to declare war. The president can't declare war.

What makes a president declare war?

Presidents do not have the power to declare war. They can REQUEST that Congress declare war. Only Congress has the pwer to declare war.

Who has the ability to declare war?

The President and Congress. Not quite. The President must ASK congress to declare war; only congress can declare the US to be at war.

The Congress has the power to declare this?

Congress has the power to declare war.

How is it possible that the us can fight a war if congress has not so declared?

In reference to Vietnam: Congress agreed ot allow our troops to defend themselves and help protect South Vietnam from the spread of Communism, but they did not declare war upon North Vietnam.

Can a cleric declare war?

no only congress can declare war

Can congress declare war?

Yes, congress can declare war if a bill declaring it is signed by the president.

Can a president use the military power to declare war?

No, he can't officially declare war, but he can send troops in to "Help stop the conflict". Only congress has the power to officially declare war.

Who can declare war?


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