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Did French colonialism at the end of World War 2 cause the Vietnam war?

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After WW2 France reoccupied Vietnam which had been largely liberated from Japanese rule by the Viet Minh, led by Ho Chi Minh. After the defeat of the French in 1954 the U.S. became increasingly interested in Vietnam and, in the longer term, involved.

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How did the French get influence daily life in Vietnam?

Cause they did now what you got to say about that world

What did this vietminh victory cause the French to do?

The Vietminh victory caused the French to withdraw from Vietnam.

When the french left Vietnam the US stepped in to?

Try to cause a popular uprising against communist ruler in north Vietnam

Did World War 2 play a role in the cause of the Vietnam war?

Yes. Japan's surrender during WWII, also resulted in Japan's departure from occupied territories, of which Vietnam was one. Which resulted in the return of the French, which resulted in a confrontation-which was the French Indochina War 1946-1954.

Causes of colonialism?

A cause of colonialism is the competition with other European countries, especially the rush to China and India for exotic goods. Another cause was the belief of mercantilism which is that different countries felt as though they should receive the limited supply of wealth that was in the world at the time.

What explains how colonialism might have helped cause World War 1?

Colonization increased tensions between European countries. :)

What is explains how colonialism might have helped cause World War 1?

Colonization increased tensions between European countries.

How could Woodrow Wilson prevented the Vietnam War?

After Woodrow Wilson published his Fourteen Points, which included a point that discussed the future sovereignty of colonies, a young Vietnamese man named Nguyen Ai Quoc attempted to meet him and give him his petition for Vietnamese independence from French colonialism. Woodrow Wilson refused to meet him because he was trying to improve relations with the French Premier. That young Vietnamese man would eventually change his name to Ho Chi Minh, and found the Communist party in Vietnam, eventually forcing France out of Vietnam and beginning the events that would cause the Vietnam War.

Was world war 2 the cause of the Vietnam war?

The cold war was.

Why did many of the boundaries of the new African states created after World War ll cause problems?

Colonialism was over and independence was the goal

Cause and Effect for Vietnam and Korean war?

1. Cause-Communist aggression 2. Effect-Free world victory for Korea/Communist victory for Communists in Vietnam

How did colonialism cause world war 1?

colonialism caused world war one because several of the countries were trying to control the same areas, eventually leading to the assassination of archduke franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. this assasination sparked the war, causing the alliance system to come into effect.

Why did the U.S. enter the Vietnam war and World War 2?

cause they wanted to! =)

What is the cause of the loss of pacific cultures?

Exploration and colonialism by Europeans and other cultures.

Was rubber a major cause of Vietnam war?

Natural rubber from the numerous rubber trees in Vietnam certainly may have been a factor in the French Indochina War (also called the 1st Indochina War) 1946-1954. But it had nothing to do with the American Vietnam War (1955-1975).

What were the cause of the war between vietnamese and french war?

When Japan surrendered in 1945, ending WWII, the French RETURNED to Vietnam; they met resistance from the communist backed Viet Minh, the war was on: 1946-1954.

What is the cause of Vietnam War?

Communist North Vietnam trying to take over Non-communist South Vietnam.

What does cause mean in french?

'Cause' in French means causer

What did the Vietnam War cause?

Draft riots.

Was colonialism a benefit to mankind?

Yes. It was one of the greatest ideas man has devised. Colonialism was in fact simply taking control of the territory of people that had something that the colonialist wanted without paying a fair price for it. it has led to a situation today where the old colonial borders are leading to one war after another as the traditional tribes try to reassert their sovereignty using force with weapons supplied by the old colonialist countries. Colonialism was piracy of the first order and is still l the cause of hunger death and disease the world over. Colonialism was a curse to mankind.

What cause the war of Vietnam?

Communist North Vietnam was trying to take over the non-communist country of South Vietnam. The US fought North Vietnam to stop them.

Why did the Vietnam war cause many people to flee Vietnam?

Because of all the violence and bombing

Translate in french cause and effect of war world 2?

cause et effet de la deuxième guerre mondiale

What were the causes of the US Vietnam war?

there were many causes of the Vietnam war but the "main" cause was fear of Communism

Does french kiss cause any disease?

A french kiss doesn't cause a disease,but it could cause you to get sick if the person your french kissing with is sick.