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The answer is 'yes'. According to 'Jane's Fighting Ships of World War II'; 2 were laid down in 1936 under the naval programme of that year. They were the 'Graf Zeppelin' and the 'Peter Strasser. Only one, the 'Graf Zeppelin' was completed. It was photographed from the air, fitting out, alongside a quay at Kiel in July 1940. It is then believed to have proceeded to Gdynia in Poland. Length was 820 1/2 feet, beam was 88 1/2 feet and draught was 18 1/2 feet. She was built to take 40 aircraft. I can find no record of involvement in any action and she obviously did not survive the war as Jane's has to guess at some items such as the superstructure. As the Russians advanced through the Baltic States the Germans carried out a lot of withdrawals by sea and suffered large naval losses which don't appear to have been well documented. It's possible that the 'Graf Zeppelin' was one such casualty but that is only a presumption! I will try to find out more. And more input: Having done a lot more research, scrub the supposition at the end of my first submission. Rivalry between Goering, who delayed the development and production of the necessary aircraft, and Raeder gave rise to delays and the ship was only about 90% completed. She was removed to Gdynia in 1940 as a safer location to be laid up. She was used to store the fine fittings removed from other German warships to reduce the risk of fire during combat. Fear of Soviet bombing caused her to be removed again, this time to Stettin. In 1942 she was returned to Kiel for more work but other priority work caused more delays so in April 1943 she was returned to Stettin for good and as Raeder was removed from office (at his own request) work never resumed again. She was scuttled in shallow water in April 1945 but was refloated by the victorious Soviets the following spring and eventually towed to Leningrad in 1947.She appears to have been damaged on the way and could not be repaired so she was towed into deep water in 1947 and used for target practice by Soviet ships and aircraft. She did not sink easily. The wreck of the Graf Zeppelin has never been located.

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Q: Did Germany have aircraft carriers during World War 2?
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Where are aircraft carriers?

There are aircraft carriers all over the world. America has about 16 of various types. Many other countries also have aircraft carriers.

How many aircraft carriers are there in the world regardless of nationality?

I know the United States has 9 aircraft carriers. Rest of the world??

What countries had aircraft carriers during world war 2?

The united states and japan.

Why is there so few aircraft carriers?

In World War 2 there were few aircraft carriers because the US had not built up their aircraft carrier fleet because the Americans were not willing to fight in the war. Now we have thousands of aircraft carriers around the world. Oh, in the Forties the use of aircraft carriers was still relatively new. They still thought destroyers won the wars when in reality it is the aircraft carriers that do the bulk of the work.

Who used the aircraft carriers during world war 2?

Germany, US, and Japan Germany did not have any active aircraft carriers in WWII. 2 or 3 were planned or under construction but never completed. Britain, U.S. and Japan all had carriers during WWII. Japan had the most carriers when the war started. The U.S. had 6 fleet carriers, (Atlantic and Pacific)1 training carrier and I believe 2 or 3 carriers under construction when the war began. By the time the war ended the US had over 100 carriers, both fleet and escort carrires. 27 U.S. Carriers were at anchor in Tokyo Bay when the Japanese surrenerd on board the USS Missouri.

What was the most important weapons of World War 2?

Aircraft carriers (aircraft).

Were there 5 or 6 aircraft carriers in World War 2?

Even if you exclude the smaller aircraft carriers in World War 2, there were still many more than 5 or 6. The US Navy commissioned 23 aircraft carriers of the Essex class during the war, not to mention others in US service, and those used by the British and Japanese navies.

What are the release dates for The Secret World of Aircraft Carriers - 1999?

The Secret World of Aircraft Carriers - 1999 was released on: USA: 14 June 1999

Which country has more aircraft carriers?

U.s has more aircraft carriers as compare to other countries of the world.

Where are the aircraft carriers?

Navy bases around the world.

What was largest aircraft carrier during world war 2?

The Essex class of the US Navy were the largest carriers in WW2.

Why were aircraft carriers invented?

Aircraft carriers were invented so the products could be transported across the world quicker, because plane is the quickest mode of transport in the world. I ;)

How many aircraft carriers did japan have at the beginning of world war 2?

By the start of the war with the US in 1941, Japan had 9 carriers. Interestingly, Japan pioneered in the building of aircraft carriers. Today, the U.S. has 12 carriers, the Royal Naval has 3, and there are a total of 9 countries that have aircraft carriers. The US and Great Britain are the only countries relying heavily on carriers.

How many aircraft carriers are there in one world alliance?

About 69

How many aircrafts did Germany have in World War 2?

Luftwaffe was the German Wehrmacht's aerial defense force. During the entire period of second world war Germany produced a total of 119,871 aircraft for use by Luftwaffe. Germany lost a large number of these aircraft during the war.

How many japanese aircraft carriers were sunk during World War 2?

The Japanese lost a total of 27 aircraft carriers....I could list them all but take my word for it you dopes!!....the "Japs" had 3 that were under construction at the end of the dopes!...hahahah!!...

What three pre WW2 aircraft carriers survived World War 2?

The carriers Ranger , Enterprise and Saratoga .

What world war 2 naval battles was fought entirely by aircraft?

The Battle of the Coral Sea, history's first clash of aircraft carriers; the Battle of Midway, history's first DECISIVE clash of aircraft carriers.

Did the pilots during World War 2 that flew off the navy carriers fall under the army air corp or where they navy?

The Navy has always flown its own aircraft on aircraft carriers, since the first carrier was commissioned March 20th, 1922. There have been other types of aircraft flown on/off carriers by the army, but none of them were ever considered to be stationed on a carrier.

What the American's aircraft do in World War 2?

The American aircraft was extremely important for bombing raids, such as the Doolittle raids or attacks on Germany from Allied bases in England. They also helped in the war in the Pacific, where aircraft carriers proved invaluable while fighting the Japanese.

Why are the aircraft carriers important in World War 2?

Aircraft carriers are a long range striking arm of a naval air force. Used properly they can decimate enemy fleets as the US carrier fleet did at Midway to the Japanese. In the Atlantic, British aircraft carriers were decisive to hunting down German ships. Not having aircraft carriers was possibly one of the biggest mistakes for the German navy.

How did fighter aircraft get to the Pacific in World War 2?

Some flew some by ship as cargo or on aircraft carriers

What was the battle of the coral sea World War 2?

World's first clash of aircraft carriers.

What were the post world war 2 aircraft carriers?

USS Midway class.

Were there us aircraft carriers in the World War 2 European theater?

None were necessary since the British Isles provided plentiful air bases. However, in the Mediterranean theater, US escort carriers (aka jeep carriers or CVE's) were used to support amphibious landings. These were small aircraft carriers capable of operating about 30 aircraft each, which left the larger US fleet carriers with 70-80 aircraft each available for the Pacific theater.