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Did Hitler start the blitz?

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Not personally, but he ordered the start of the Blitz.

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Why did Hitler start the Blitz on London?

Adolph Hitler got involved in the Blitz

Because he was bored and decided to cheese everyone off. He was a complete git wasn't he!

It seemed that the campaign to bomb the airfields was not working, so he wanted to destroy morale.

No. The Blitz started in September 1940.

The blitz started because it was shown bombing a city would stop all life and Hitler used this and started bombing London, thinking nobody could ever live there again and cripple Britain.

The treaty of Versailles was what hitler used to start the next world war and everyone agreed with him. Winston Churchill told hitler to kiss his rear end but hitler had him kiss his instead

the blitz in Londanstarted on the 30th of December in 1940

There wasn't a Blitz in world war 1!

he started it between 7th September 1940 and 10 may 1941 more info type question on wikipedia the free encyclopiedia!!

Ther were 10,000,000 nazis joined with hitler

Blitz is the German word for lightning. Made famous during World War 2 by Adolph Hitler. He coined the phrase Blitz Kreig, which means Lightning War.

With Germany Blitzkrieging Poland to jump-start WW2 in a very bad way.

Adolf Hitler was definitely responsible since he told the Germans to bomb London.

Invasion, bombing them from the air, the Battle of Britain, and The Blitz.

The Nazis lost too many Luftwaffe planes in the blitz and the flying bombs were not accomplishing what Hitler had wanted to achieve. Hitler had wanted to scare the Britons into surrendering and avoid having to invade England. He also wanted to focus on invading Russia. Originally Hitler did not want to bother England. So Hitler decided it was time to quit the offensive operation.

The blitz started on September 7th 1940. Answered by Kim Sparrow

Hitler did not start World War 1.

It started on September 7, 1940. See the related links below for details about the Blitz.

it started on 7th September 1940

The Blitz started when a squadron of wellington bombers attacked Berlin (the attack injured two people and destroyed a garden shed.) Hitler was outraged a cancelled the bombing of crucial British radio stations that were pivotal to the war and ordered the German Luftwaffe to attack civilian targets. P.S im only eleven

Hitler did not start world war 1.

it started by Britian dropping a bomb on Germany

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