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Did Japan attack Pearl Harbor to get US in the World War 2?

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To eliminate the US from interferring with their plans of conquest in the Pacific and Asia.

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How Pearl Harbor led to US involvement in World War 2?

When japan did a surprise attack on pearl harbor

What country attacked Pearl Harbor during world war ll?

The attack on Pearl Harbor, in 1941, was carried out by Japan.

What was the significance of the Attack on Pearl Harbor?

The attack on pearl harbor made America declare war on Japan which made WW2 a truly world wide war.

What war did Japan attack the US?

World War 2. Japan Bombed Pearl Harbor.

What part of Hawaii did japan attack in World War 2?

pearl harbor

When did Japan attack Pearl Harbor in World War 2?

7 December 1941

Effect of Pearl Harbor attack?

well the main effect of pearl harbor attack was that it caused the Americans who said they would not be involved in world war 2 changed their mind in one day a declared war on japan because of the pearl harbor attack

What wa the Attack on Pearl Harbor?

the attack of pearl harbor was whaen japan bombed a us nava base causing aamerica to get involved into the horrendous war know as world war two.

What happen in Pearl Harbor?

well pearl harbor is a harbor in Hawaii where a suprise attack from Japan was made. Japan and America were about to go into World War 2 so they thought if they did a suprise attack they could knock out the Pacific Fleet and probably win the war to take over the world but fortunatly the did not win!

What was the war called that US declared to Japan in 1941?

It was not a war, it was the attack on Pearl Harbor, unless you're thinking of when the US joined World War 2 the day following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

When did World War 2 attack on Pearl Harbor start?

WW2 attack on the pearl harbor happened in 1999

What was the reaction of the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The US declared war on Japan and entered World War II

When did the Japanese leave Japan to attack Pearl Harbor in World War 2?

November 26, 1941 .

What was the attack of Pearl Harbor about?

The American Fleet was anchored in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. It was a surprise attack. The United States declared war on Japan. It caused the United States to enter World War 2.

Did japan attack pearl harbor in World War 1 or World War 2?

WWII. It was what got the U.S. involved.

What were the causes that led to the US entering world war two?

Attack by the Empire of Japan at Pearl Harbor in 1941. .

What American naval base did japan attack which led to the US entering World War 2?

Pearl Harbor

Why did they US get involved in World War 2?

because japan performed a not war declared attack on pearl harbor.

Which of the Following events helped provoke the US to enter World War 2?

Japan attack on Pearl Harbor

What naval base did Japan attack which led to the US entering World War 2?

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

What was hirohito actions cause world war 2?

He allowed Japan to attack the US at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

What American naval base did Japan attack leading to the US entering World War 2?

Pearl Harbor

When does japan attack the US during World War 2?

If you are talking about when japan first attacked, in Pearl Harbor, it was December 7th, 1941.

What was a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The result of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour is that America officially declared war on Japan, and entered World War 2 on the side of the Allies.

What effect did the japanese attack on Pearl Harbor have of u.s. foreign policy?

The United States remained neutral in World War Two until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.