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No, but they both wore orange pants.
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Who was john paul Jones?

John Paul went to sea when he was 12, and his youth was adventure-filled. He was chief mate on a slave ship in 1766 but, disgusted with the work, soon quit. In 1769 he obtained command of the John, a merchantman that he captained until 1770. In 1773, while Jones was in command of the Betsy off T ( Full Answer )

Was John Paul Jones a patriot?

Yes, John Paul Jones was an American Patriot,(although the question does not capitalise the word patriot and thus implies a patriot, ie a person loyal to one's country, in the general sense. This definition ruled out many of the British colonists and opportunistic fellow travellers like JPJ who re ( Full Answer )

Where did john paul Jones live?

ANSWER: John Paul Jones was born in Scotland, in the year of 1747. He eventually lived in France. However, he was accused of killing a man there, so he fled to America in 1773.

What did John Paul Jones do for the American Revolution?

John Paul Jones was born in Scotland as John Paul and outlawed for piracy. He offered his services to the enemy in the American War of Independence and was given several ships to fight the British.. Eventually, on the Bonhomme Richard with a small fleet he attacked his native Scotland. During a n ( Full Answer )

Did John Paul Jones have a wife?

no he did not have a wife or have any kids because if he had kids and he was not married then the person he had the kids with would be hung and he would not speak of the children

Did John Paul Jones have siblings?

Yes, he had siblings; he was the youngest of four. He had two older sisters and an older brother. He actually had 8 siblings

Did john paul Jones have kids?

Musician John Paul Jones (best known as the bassist for classicrock band Led Zeppelin) has three daughters. They are calledTamara, Jacinda, and Kiera.

What did John Paul Jones say?

An honorable Peace is and always was my first wish! I can take no delight in the effusion of human Blood; but, if this War should continue, I wish to have the most active part in it. John Paul Jones I have not yet begun to fight! John Paul Jones I wish to have no connection with any ship ( Full Answer )

What was john paul Jones childhood like?

John Paul Jones was born to a gardener and enjoyed spending many ofhis childhood days in the garden. He also enjoyed boating and sobecame a Scottish sailor.

Did John Paul Jones marry?

yes he did, otherwise he wouldn't have had five children, William, Elizabeth, Janet, Johnny, and Mary Anne!

What made John Paul Jones famous?

John Paul Jones, born John Paul in Britain, was outlawed by the British for piracy. He offered his services as a mercenary to the Americans during the American War of Independence.. He is considered the Father of the American Navy. His exploits during the revolution, including the famous phrase "I ( Full Answer )

Who were John Paul Jones' siblings?

Captain Jones was the fourth child of eight. He had an older brother named William; two older sisters; two younger siblings that died in infancy; and two other younger sisters named Mary and Ann.

What did John Paul Jones do in the war?

In 1778 he carried out an unsuccessful raid on the English port ofWhitehaven. His plan was to destroy by fire the many Britishmerchant ships moored in the harbour but his men got drunk and verylittle actual damage was done. His raid did cause consternation inBritain and resulted in the improvement o ( Full Answer )

Did John Paul Jones have a job?

John Paul Jones was a sailor for the Navy and was instrumental innaval battles during the American Revolution. The military was hiscareer.

What awards did john paul Jones get and why?

John Paul Jones received the Congressional Gold Medal for his valorand brilliant service. In France he hailed as a hero and wasawarded the rank of chevalier.

What is john paul Jones famous for saying?

John Paul Jones is famous for saying: "I have not yet begun to fight!"-- to Captain Pearson of the H.M.S. Serapis in the Battle of Flamborough Head. (1779) "Without a respectable navy-- alas America!"-- in a letter to Robert Morris (1776) "I wish to have no connection with any ship that doe ( Full Answer )

What john paul Jones do that are so important?

John Paul Jones secured the exchange of British captives for the freedom of American prisoners of war. He also captured a British ship carrying uniforms, winter clothes, and provisions to British soldiers in America, thus depriving them of necessary equipment and aiding the Americans. In addition ( Full Answer )

Who was john paul Jones fian'ce?

John Paul Jones never married although he did propose to Madame la Comtesse de Lowendahl in 1780.

Where was John Paul Jones last seen?

John Paul Jones was last seen in his apartment at 19 Rue Tournon in Paris, France by Retired Colonel Samuel Blackden. Captain Jones died on July 18, 1792.

What did John Paul Jones look like?

John Paul Jones had straight brown hair, hazel eyes, and a cleft chin. He was also small of stature. MOst would describe him as being handsome.

What is the name of John Paul Jones ship?

In his career, Captain John Paul Jones commanded the ships John, Betsy, Providence, Alfred, Ranger, Bonhomme Richard, and Vladimir .

Did john paul Jones get married?

There is no evidence suggested the John Paul Jones was ever marriedor had children. For all intents and purposes, it can be said thathe was married to the sea.

Who influenced john paul Jones?

if you're talking about the bass player of Led Zeppelin, he was was influenced by American blues musicians

Why was John Paul Jones famous?

John Paul Jones was a captain of an American warship during theRevolutionary War. He is famous for refusing to surrender to anapparently superior British force.

Who is John Paul Jones family?

Father: John Paul Mother;: Jean Macduff Girlfriend: Mrs. Townsend That's all i known so far

What were John Paul Jones accomplishments?

Briefly, there were many American heroes on land in the Revolutionary war, but John Paul Jones was America's first hero at sea. A natural sailor, Jones served on merchant ships before the war. Although the Continental Navy was no match for the British Navy, Jones compensated with skill and daring. H ( Full Answer )

What did John Paul Jones say and when?

John Paul Jones's most famous phrase is "I have not yet begun to fight!" He said this to Captain Pearson of the H.M.S. Serapis during the Battle of Flamborough Head in 1779.

Who did john paul Jones married?

I don't think he ever did marry because I have looked up many things about him for a report but, I couldn't find anything say he got married

John paul Jones famous quote?

"I have not yet begun to fight" as his ship was sinking in a duel with a British warship.

Was John Paul Jones a colonist?

John Paul Jones was a sailor, and became famous as a naval fighter during the American Revolution. He is sometimes referred to as 'the father of the American Navy.'

What warships did John Paul Jones defeat?

I do not know all of them, but I do know one: The HMS Drake, the first British warship ever to have been captured by the new American Colonies during the American Revolution. Hope this helps!

What bass did john paul jones play?

1962 Fender Jazz Bass (used in studio and live performances) . 1951 Fender Precision Bass with the finish removed (used to play " Black Dog " and other songs live from 1971-1975) . Fretless Fender Precision Bass . Gibson EB-1 (seen on the inner wheel of Led Zeppelin III ) . Fender Bass ( Full Answer )

What are facts about john Paul Jones?

he is an American naval hero. He went to sea at age 12 and became a ship's master at age 21. He joined his brother in Virginia in 1775. When the American Revolution began, he joined the new Continental Navy under Esek Hopkins. In 1776 he sailed the Providence along the Atlantic coast, capturing eigh ( Full Answer )

John Paul Jones of led zeppelin?

He played bass, mandolin, and keyboard. His birth name was actually John Baldwin. He is listed as a major influence by John Deacon, Geddy Lee, Steve Harris, and Gene Simmons. If you want to hear him now just listen to Them Crooked Vultures.

Did john paul Jones wear wigs?

He did once led zeppelin had to recreate footages for 'the song remains the same' movie concert. the firector found that there were crucial holes in the concert footage and they had to recreate the show but at that time john got an haircut so he had to wear a wig.

Why was John Paul Jones brave?

he was brave because he was a brave captain he lead his crew through winds and storms. He was brave also because he has killed a man. In fact one of his men. One of his men tried to kill him so he stabbed him in the back with his sword.

Was john paul Jones smart?

In my opinin I would say he was because he managed to defeat the british navy on several occasions

Did John Paul Jones speak Russian?

He had to have spoken at least some Russian, even if not fluently, as he served in the Russian Navy as a Rear Admiral under Empress Catherine II.

Where is the John Paul Jones Arena?

John Paul Jones Arena is located inside the forest of Newweather, in California Heights. John Paul Jones Arena includes many fun family activities for all.

What has the author Paul John Jones written?

Paul John Jones has written: 'The Irish brigade' -- subject(s): Civil War, 1861-1865, Irish troops, History, Irish American soldiers, Irish Participation