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Did Juan Ponce de Leon marry or have any kids?

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yes he did get married and he did have kids

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How many kids did Juan Ponce de Leon have?

Juan Ponce de Leon had four kids and their names are Luis, Juana, Maria and Isabelle.

Did Juan Ponce de Leon have kids with Mary Leon?

No, Juan Ponce de Leon's wife was named Leonor Ponce de Leon. Their children were Luis, Juana, Maria, and Isabell.

Did Juan ponce de leon have kids?

Yes! Juan Ponce De Leon did have kids! Their names are: Luis, Juana, Maria, and Isabel I hope this helped with what ever your working with or on!

Did Juan Ponce de Leon have any kids?

Yes. He was married to Leonor Ponce de Leon. They had four children named Luis, Juana, Maria, and Isabell.

What were the names of the four kids of Juan Ponce De Leon?

his kids names were in order juana maria isabell and luis

How many kids did ponce de leon have?

he had four kids and he was married

What are the names of Ponce de Leon kids?

Juan Troche Pnce de León II and Doña Isabel de Loayza. (Source: Wikipedia)

Did ponce de leon and his wife and 4 kids live in a big house?

they moved a lot so they lived in apartments

Who were juan ponce de leons kids?

wikiansers does not give you the correct anser do not listion to it!!!who wrote this??? He had four children named Luis, Juana, Maria, and Isabell

Who was ponce de leon's kids?

3 daughters and 1son

Did Balboa have kids?

he had no kids but he did marry an Indian princess.

Did Phineas Gage have kids?

He did not have kids, nor did he marry.

Did Vivaldi marry?

no but he had kids

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