World War 2

Did Mexico accept Jews during World War 2?


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Mexico accepted very few Jewish refugees in the 1930s and 1940s.

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Some countries refused to accept then during the Great Depression.

Jews migrated to Mexico to escape Hitler

The Jews migrated to Palestine after World War 2.

About 65,000 Jews were killed in Austria during the Holocaust.

The Jews were persecuted in Poland during ww2

The Jews were not in Palestine during World War I. The UN decided to create an Jewish country after World War II and the Holocaust.

Jews waren't targets during World War 1, they only died because they were fighting in the war. What your looking for is World War 2 mate! ;)

Six million European Jews were murdered.

Many German Jews had been unable to leave Germany, mainly because other countries had been unwilling to accept them.

Around 6.9 Million Jews were killed during World War 2 99.9% was because of the Holocaust.

Denmark was really the only country that helped its Jews during WWII. 99% of Danish Jews survived the Holocaust. Sweden and Switzerland, neutral countries, took in Jews during the war.

A yellow star that indicates they are Jews.

there were no city or state that did not allow Jews in America.

The 6 million Jews who were killed during the Holocaust represented about 35% of world Jewry.

The Holocaust was the persecution of Jews and the murder of about six million Jews. This happened during World War II.

During the Nazi occupation around 75,000 Jews were killed in Latvia. A total of 200,000 Latvian citizens died during the World War 2.

Jews practiced their religion quite openly during World War 1 in most countries where Jews lived. In Czarist Russia, there were some difficulties in practicing Judaism, but elsewhere it was not an issue. It was during World War 2 that being Jewish became an issue.

Hitler killed and tortured Jews during World War 2

During the Holocaust 6.85 Million Jews were killed during World War 2. Global Population of Jews by 1933 was Around 16 Million. So 6.85 Million/16 Million = 42.8%. It has been agreed that between 40% and 45% of the Global Jewish Population were killed during World War 2. So 4.2 in every 10 Jews were killed during World War 2 and the Holocaust.

The Nazis persecuted the Jews During WWII

At the start of World War 2 was Poland with 3.3 Million Jews. by the end of World War 2, it only had 250,000 left and by then the Soviet Union had the most surviving Jews, which was 1.75 Million. Total of 1.1 Million Soviet Jews were killed during the Holocaust.

he thought the communists and the jews stabbed them in the back during world war 1 which he fought in

any jews and or any one who helps the jews

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