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The Royal Scots is the oldest Regiment of the Line in the British Army.

As part of the BEF, the 1st Battalion Royal Scots suffered heavy casualties covering the retreat to Dunkirk, and many were taken prisoner.

Mr Brown is correct, John Hepburns Regt.formed in 1625,later called the Royal Scots, Royal Regt. of Foot in 1633,was serving in France and Belgium, and at Dunkirk. But the questioner asked about the Scots Guards. The Marquis of Argyll's Royal Regt.1642 was disbanded and later re-formed as the Scots Regt. of Foot Guards in 1660,(also known as the Kings Regt.) in 1940 the 1st.Batt.was in Norway,then Tunisia and Italy.

2nd. Batt.were in Egypt, then Libya,Syria and N.W.Europe.

3rd.Batt.(armoured) were in U.K.'til 1944 then N.W.Europe,they converted back to infantry role in 1945.

4th. Batt.was a holding Batt. in U.K. 1940-43.

So I would think that the Regt. did not serve at Dunkirk.

My father won the military medal in the retreat from Holland, as I understand some of the Scots Guards may have retreated into Belgium then France and therefore would have been evacuated from Dunkirk

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Q: Did The Scots Guards serve at Dunkirk in 1940?
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