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Did all the people wounded in the assaassination of Robert f Kennedy live?

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In addition to Robert Kennedy five other people were also wounded by Sirhan Sirhan William Weisel of ABC news, Paul Schrade of the UAW, party activist Elizabeth Evans, Ira Goldstein of the Continental News Service and Kennedy volunteer Irwin Stroll.

Robert Kennedy was shot by Shiran Shir-an, but along with Kennedy five other people were injured.

John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, the freedom riders, black people and all people who supported fairness.

In the US, "The Kennedys" are generally considered to be the people who are descended from Joseph Kennedy and his wife, Rose. These include John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and their children, etc. There are many people who have the Kennedy surname who are not members of "The Kennedys."

Yes, Robert Kennedy was a big supporter of human and civil rights movements. Many people attribute this to him have a mentally retarded sister, Rosemary.

Robert Kennedy and five other people.

in the union 275,175 people were wounded & in the South wounded people were 194,026

Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr.

There were 1178 people wounded at the attack of pearl harbor There were 1178 people wounded at the attack of pearl harbor There were 1178 people wounded at the attack of pearl harbor There were 1178 people wounded at the attack of pearl harbor There were 1178 people wounded at the attack of pearl harbor

Famous people to die in the 1960s, are John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Marylin Monroe,Martin Luther King jr.

He murdered Senator Robert F. Kennedy and is considered a threat to society. Many murderers in the USA never get parole. They get life imprisonment without parole. Sirhan is lucky he was not executed for the 1968 murder. He also shot and wounded several other people when he gunned down Senator Kennedy.

Jacqueline Kennedy is famous first and foremost for being the next direct victim of the assassination of President Kennedy, since she was right next to him when he was fatally wounded and when he died. She then was the center of the attention of a grieving people during the planning and orchestration of his state funeral.

All three people fought for the civil rights of the people, they united the people more closely.

170,000 people were killed and 420,000 were wounded. That's a total of 590,000. 315,000 were Germans that were either killed or wounded, whiles allies had 275,000 people killed or wounded.

The people killed or wounded in battle are called casualties.

1178 people wounded in Pearl Harbor attack

He was the captain of PT 109 which was sliced in two by a Japanese destroyer. Two people were killed, and the rest survived. Pres. Kennedy towed a wounded sailor to nearby island. It was his skills that saved the sailors serving under him.

Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Leonard Bernstein, Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye, Ricky Nelson

JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr. , Malcom X, Robert F. Kennedy

Abraham Lincoln, John & Robert Kennedy, Osama bin Laden, just to name a few.

1000 British people were killed or wounded. 400 Americans people were killed or wounded

Medgar Evers. Robert and John Kennedy, Martin Luther king. Malcom x.

the number of wounded people at the Gettysburg war were 51,ooo

There are many famous people that lived during the 1960's in the United States. Robert Kennedy, John Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Arlo Guthrie, and Gloria Steinham are just a few of the famous people that made headlines during the 1960's.

To many to count. There were over 37,000,000 deaths so just imagine the people wounded.

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