Did any US soldiers serve four combat tours of duty in Vietnam?

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Yes his name was CPL Wolfe 3rd MAR DIV 3RD RECON Bn. Check the Marine Corps Gazette Oct 1967
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How long was a typical tour of duty in Vietnam?

Short : 12 months : "Tour of duty" means how much time did a person typically spend in a war zone. In Vietnam, the "war zone" was complicated. For 99% of Army and Marine ground soldiers, the war zone was limited to South Vietnam. But for Air Force and Navy pilots, the "war zone" extended beyond ( Full Answer )

What is the record number of Vietnam war tours of duty?

Answer . The most tours of duty in the Vietnam war is 27 by MichaelBadnarik. Mr.Badnarik was also the Libertarian Candidate forPresident in the 2004 election. He had 113 confirmed kills. Answer . I do not see how this could be true, since Mr. Badnarik was bornin 1956. Answer . Or that a tour in ( Full Answer )

Were there any soldiers who served as combatants in both World Wars?

I don't have precise figures but yes there were a significant number of men, on both sides, who served in both wars. Michael Montagne yes, general MacArthur would be the most famous example. Mc Arthur wasn?t alone. Add several thousand German soldiers born in the late 1890?s. They most likely fo ( Full Answer )

How has the US helped Vietnam soldiers?

US Vietnam Veterans, as well as all US veterans have access to VA medical facilities, counselling, and receive educational benefits for trade schools and colleges, home loans.

What is combat duty in the Vietnam War?

This is a question best left to the bar at the local VFW or American Legion. Is an "eye ball to eye ball" confrontation required? Perhaps you need a knife fight in the dark of night. Some are convinced that the mandatory minimum is to pull the trigger on an enemy you can see. That would rule out man ( Full Answer )

Who introduced the tour of duty in Vietnam?

US Servicemen served in the US Armed Forces for the DURATION during WWII. After WWII, studies were done on combat fatique, along with a host of other experiences from WWII.. General Harold K. Johnson, US Army Chief of Staff during the early Vietnam War years had been a POW & survived the Bataan Dea ( Full Answer )

Are there still US soldiers in Vietnam?

Approximately 1900 US servicemen are unaccounted for. Currently, there are Embassy Guard U.S. Marines and U.S. Military Liaison servicemen and women at the U.S. Embassy in HaNoi and at the U.S.Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. Additionally, a team of crash site and burial site investigators based in ( Full Answer )

Why were drugs used in Vietnam by the soldiers?

Small white tablets were issued for daily consumption; large tan colored pills were issued for once a week consumption (all for Malaria Control). Neither drug was adhered to on a regular basis by the majority of US personnel, while in country.

How long was a typical tour of duty for Officers in Vietnam?

With the possible exception of US Navy surface fleet officers, US Navy Swift Boat officers performed 1 year tours in South Vietnam. US Army officers conducted one year tours in RVN but generally only 6 months IN THE FIELD; then they were rotated to staff positions in the rear. But they still did 1 y ( Full Answer )

What was the typical tour of duty in Vietnam for the Navy?

The US Navy had two navies during the Vietnam War: the Brown Water Navy and the regular fleet. The Brown Water Navy was the "Riverine Forces", consisting of Swift Boats (PCF-Patrol Craft Fast), PBR's (Patrol Boat River), Alpha Boats (ASPB-Assault Support Patrol Boats), and Monitors (River Battleship ( Full Answer )

Why did the US send soldiers to Vietnam?

Because Vietnam just had a fight so the united states sent some troops to Vietnam to guard the boarder. Even before it fell to communism Truman and written up a policy of containment called the Truman Doctrine which stated that the USA would help any country being threatened by communism Because no ( Full Answer )

What Us battleship served in Vietnam?

The "Iowa" class battleship, USS New Jersey; 16" guns. The battleship was requested by the military to reduce jet aircraft losses over North & South Vietnam. Each rifle (16" barrel) delivered the equivalent of ONE 2,000 pound bomb. One salvo (9 rifles firing one broadside, from three separate turret ( Full Answer )

Why were US combat troops sent into Vietnam?

Prior to 1964, it wasn't either clear or possibly "confirmed" that the army of North Vietnam was commencing combat in the "Republic of South Vietnam." Just fighting local guerrillas (Viet Cong) seemed to be the norm. After the Tonkin Gulf incident, it was clear then...kind of hard to hide Torpedo Bo ( Full Answer )

Where there any combats in the Vietnam War?

1. Air War over North Vietnam (MIGS vs US JETS). 2. Land/Ground War in South Vietnam (Patton tanks and ACAVs). 3. Riverine War in South Vietnam. (Swift Boats & Monitors)

What was the age ofthe average US combat soldier in Vietnam?

The Vietnam War has been described as a "kaleidoscope", meaning continuously changing. Examples: up until about 1966, South Vietnam was covered with CH-21 Shawnee and CH-34 Choctaw helicopters and GIs carrying M14 rifles; shoulder patches were bright colored, sergeant strips were bright yellow in co ( Full Answer )

Did anyone serve more than 3 tours in Vietnam?

Very very common. But one must be careful when using that word "tour." It might be different in the Marine Corps or Navy or Air Force. In the US Army the first tour was a year (12 months). After that, they were in six month increments. Therefore, if a vet says he did 3 tours with the US Army in ( Full Answer )

How many combat tours did the USS Intrepid serve in the Vietnam War?

First tour May-Oct '66; Second tour Jun-Nov '67. Item of note: LTjg William T. Patton flying a "Spad" (A1 Skyraider, propeller driven dive bomber), shot down a NVAF MiG17 during his carrier's (Intrepid) first tour. The ONLY Spad to make a solo jet kill; two other Skyraiders (from the USS Midway) s ( Full Answer )

What was the tour of duty length during the Vietnam war for volunteers?

Other branches may have been different. The US Army original tour was 12 months (drafted or volunteer/US or RA). Extensions in Vietnam were in 6 month increments after that original tour. Example: for a US Army serviceman; three tours would be only 2 years (12 months plus 6 months, plus 6 months aga ( Full Answer )

How many Vietnam veterans served in combat infantry?

You're going to have to do the math. And here's the formula: Approximately 25,000 men (US) were in the field on any average given day. This does not count the men flying the combat aircraft (sorties over North Vietnam) nor does it count the US Sailors providing naval gunfire support from the gunli ( Full Answer )

How long was the average combat tour of duty in Iraq?

Short Answer: 12 to 15 Months Army with some units serving as few as eight and other units as long as 18 months , 6 Months Marines. Being an all volunteer force the Army wasn't under Congressional pressure to return conscripted citizens home by guaranteed deadlines as was the case during the Viet ( Full Answer )

Did any US soldier serve in World War 2 as well as Korea and Vietnam?

The Vietnam War was the last war fought by WWII veterans. Nearly all of the career US military men in Vietnam over the age of forty were WWII and/or Korean War vets. Col Robin Olds shot down German fighters over Germany in WWII, then shot down 4 North Vietnamese Air Force MiGs over North Vietnam. G ( Full Answer )

Did any US Army reserve units serve in Vietnam?

Yes, although the majority of units in Vietnam were active duty. Additionally, you would find instances of individual personnel being called up and reassigned to units in-country.

How did dead soldiers get from Vietnam to US?

Those service personnel who lost their lives in service to their country were flown from South Vietnam to Dover , Delaware (Dover Air Force Base ; Charles C. Carson Center for Mortuary Affairs) for 'final' processing .

What was the tour of duty in Vietnam?

One year. If a man landed on the 4th of July, then he DEROs'd out on the 4th of July the following year. Draftees did 24 months in the OD (Olive Drab-slang at the time for the US Army, the most polite term at the time, there were worse terms). 6 months in trainging (boot & AIT) then 12 months in Vi ( Full Answer )

How long did a US soldier serve during the Vietnam War?

Combat tours in the Vietnam war may have varied in the different US branches (US Marines, US Sailors, US Airmen, US Coast Guardsmen). For US Soldiers the initial tour was 365 days (one year). Second and third tours were in 6 month increments. Another words a US Soldier who did 3 tours actually did 2 ( Full Answer )

How long was a typical tour of duty of a sailor in Vietnam?

Unless corrected by someone, US Sailors conducted WESTPAC cruises, which may have lasted about 6 months on the gunline in Vietnam. Brown Water Navy sailors manning the Swift Boats and other riverine boats performed a regular 12 month tour. The USN was operating two separate navies in the Vietnam war ( Full Answer )

Can mp's wear a combat infantry badge serving in combat in Vietnam?

No. Unless he was later assigned to an INFANTRY unit and that unit (his unit) was directly involved with combat operations with a hostile enemy. "Only" during the Vietnam War could a GI with an artillery, armor, MP, engineer, etc. MOS obtain a CIB if he was assigned to a 11B (MOS) job in the US Inf ( Full Answer )

Did navy aviators serve as combat troops in Vietnam?

US military pilots or aircrewmen flying combat aircraft in or over North/South Vietnam were combat troops. Just because a man operated a jet, helicopter, tank, swift boat, battleship, cruiser, destroyer, or artillery piece didn't mean he wasn't a "combat troop." A man didn't have to be an infantrym ( Full Answer )

Who is the longest serving US Soldier?

It could possible be Col. Richard Hatch. 40 years 8 months. He was an enlisted man, a warrant officer, and a regular commissioned officer.

When was the last soldier killed in combat in the vietnam war?

US soldier as in US Army? Or US soldier being a generic term for any member of the US military? Because according to the President Ford administration, the last US fighting men killed in the Vietnam War weren't "Soldiers" at all...but United States Marines! Mayaquez incident May 1975.

How did soldiers get transported to Vietnam from US?

During 1965 and 1966 when entire divisions were deployed to Vietnam, they traveled by troop ships. Individual replacements arrived on Air Force Military Airlift Command (MAC) contracted flights on commercial airlines - mostly in Boeing 707s. Medical evacuations from Vietnam were in C-141 cargo j ( Full Answer )

When did US have combat troops in S Vietnam?

Small numbers of advisers and trainers 1959-1965. The major build up of Marine and Army Divisions came in 1965-66. The draw-down began in 1971, and all combat troops were out of the country by the end of April, 1973.

What was the tour of duty in Vietnam war?

For Army and Air Force, 12 months. For Marine Corps and Navy, 13 months. There were changes to these lengths through the course of the war - spanning from 1959 to 1973 when U.S. forces left South Vietnam.

What was the main goal of American combat soldier in Vietnam?

Stop the spread of communism. The belief at the time was the "domino theory" which predicted thatif one nation fell to communist insurgency, then that would triggeranother to fall, then another, then another. So it was feltessential to prevent every possible advance of communism whereverit happened. ( Full Answer )