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Did anyone else see a meteor-like object over fremont hayward California tonight 08-10-07 around 1130pm and midnight?



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Yes I did. It was bright, three min later we heard a big bang, I don't know if it was the sonic boom or the meteor crashed I also so the meteor. It was the biggest one I have ever seen!

My girlfriend and I were going driving North on 880 near Fremont. I was looked to my right (East) and saw the shooting star. It seemed to get larger and larger and until it looked like a large fireball! It seemed to dispappear behind a hill at first. Hard to tell since I was in a moving car. I thought I saw a glow from the ground so I asked my girlfriend to turn the car around so we could investigate. We turned off on Warm Springs Road and turned back South. I was thinking there might have been a fire/explosion. We didn't see anything so we returned Northbound on 880.

I'm surprised I haven't seen any news stories. I found this wiki post by doing a Google search. This meteor almost looked like flaming wreckage/airplane by the time it got close to the ground.