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Don't insult Maine.

Yes... We are an average state. Nobody hears about us because we didnt house the guy that invented the IPOD.

Steven King lives in Maine and shoots ALL his movies here.

Lobsters are awesome, and your jealous

No crime!

Rich celebrities vacation in Maine because we banned things like Starbucks on every corner and 10 walmarts in every town. we are the working people of the world and are the most educated people compared to the rest of our nation.

Maine outlawed billboards.

We are very fond of our state and get very offended when people ask things like "Is that in Canada?" "Where is Maine?" I think if i know where California is, you'd think they would know where one of the corners of the nation is....

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Q: Did anything different happen in Maine from 1700 to now?
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What was the approximate population of Maine in the late 1700's?

Maine at that time was part of Massachusetts. In the late 1700's the population of Massachusetts was about 280,000.

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What was the climate of Maine during the 1700's?

cold and a high chances of blizzards

What is the driving distance between Lakeland Florida to Houlton Maine?

About 1700 miles.

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What type of food was available in Maine in the 1700's?

Food available in Maine during the 1700's included meats like venison, turkey, ducks and partridge. Sweets were sometimes available and fruit and wine were served by those that could afford them.

How was money made in 1650-1700 in Maine?

In that area (Maine didn't exist yet, it was part of Massachusetts) common sources of income came from fishing and lumber.

What did pirates wear in the 1700?

Anything they could buy or steal.

What city in Maine is known as the City of Ships?

Bath, Maine is known as the "City of Ships". It earned its name by the massive amount of boat building that has gone on in Bath since the mid-1700's.

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How did people celebrate Christmas in Maine in the 1700s?

Christmas in MaineMaine didn't exist until 1820. Just saying. But from what I could find, Christmas in the 1700's was basically how we celebrate it today, on a smaller scale.

When and where was the Revolutionary War?

Many different battlefields. it was in the 1700's

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Great Northern War happened in 1700-02.

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What was the economy like in Rhode Island in the 1700's?

people had not just one job but they had to do anything that needed done

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slavery existed only in the South, not in the north

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