Did christopher Columbus almost die in his voyages?

No he didn't die on his voyages. On his last voyage he was stranded on an island in the Bahamas for 2 years ( the Porto Rico governor knew he was there but refused to save him). He was finally rescued with his youngest son and died at home in Spain ( by the way he was Spanish and not Italian).

He should have, because he prepared for a trip to the East Indies that he was convinced was a little over 3,000 miles long, while in reality the westward trip would have been over 20,000 miles long. He purely by accident stumbled upon the Caribbean islands and to his death remained absolutely convinced that he had found islands close to the coast of India.

As it was, he did not die - not even almost - during his trips across the ocean, but he had to be saved from death by starvation once, when he got stranded on one of the islands on one of his later trips and no-one knew where exactly to find him. But in the end they did, and he survived.