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I'm not sure what you mean by "to get work done." We do know that there were honey bees in many of the American colonies. We have written records showing that honey bees could first be found in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia, and then in a few other places like Alabama and Mississippi later. In the colonies where bees were present, American colonists used them for honey. And some of the upper-class also used beeswax to make candles; but this was a difficult and expensive job, so most of the colonists made their candles from tallow.

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The colonists introduced honey bees to North America and they practiced environmental terrorism with them. Along with the bees came foreign animals and plants which also affected the natural environment. The introduction of these things to the environment along with the destruction of forests and the killing of animals for fun was the beginning of the Native American tribes loosing cultures and ancestral lands to the invasion from the Europeans who wanted to recreate their European world in the new old they had discovered.

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Q: Did colonists use honey bees to get work done?
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