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The founding fathers were Christian land owners. Many owned slaves. They all strove for independence from a great empire, Great Britain, to form a more "democratic" nation. A nation where people voted for their representatives. With that being said, it can be seen that all the improvements they made or tried to make were for the benefit of White Christian people. The liberties they fought for were centered around their own group of citizens. Native Americans, slaves and Catholics were not part of the "revolution". This perhaps is an overstatement. However, with respect for the time in which they lived, their accomplishments, while not always "fair minded", were the best that could be had in comparison to the rest of the world. This is not an "excuse" passage, it's reality. No nation in the time of the founding fathers, were even close to the freedoms and opportunities they formed. The later advancements of the excluded peoples, were based on the works of the fathers, with the big exception of Native Americans.

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Q: Did founding Fathers always practice what they preached?
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Although most of the Founding Fathers were natives of the thirteen colonies, eight of the delegates were born in a different country. Ireland is the homeland of Butler, Fitzsimons, McHenry, and Paterson. Davie and Robert Morris were born in England. Wilson was native of Scotland and Hamilton of the West Indies. Once reaching the United States, many men moved from state to state, reflecting the mobility that has always characterized American life. In fact, sixteen individuals had lived or worked in more than one state or colony. Several others had traveled or studied abroad. About half of the Founding Fathers had attended or graduated from college in British North American colonies or abroad. Some men even held advanced and honorary degrees. For the most part, the delegates were a well-educated group enjoying the mobility of America.