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Did just replaced the starter in your 1988 Jeep Cherokee but it still wont start just makes faint clicking sound Please help thanks?


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November 26, 2008 12:24PM

if this is a differant problem than why you changed the starter in the first place then recheck to make sure all wires are connected if symptoms are the same then:- if the starter is OK (dont assume because its new) and the battery is OK (should read about 12.6 volts)then you must assume that you are suffering from a loss of power down the starter cable or the earth return system. if you know how, then check voltage drop on this cables whilst cranking if not then check all connections to terminal including all the earth conections, do not forget the one from the engine to the chassis. under normal power uses they probably would not cause a problem but because the starter draws alot of current a 0.2 voltage drop across any cable or connection will cause the starter to click (has enough power to throw the pinion in (click) but not enough power to turn the engine. if the battery is reading 12 volts then it is low on charge and will cause similar fault, it should read 12.6volts hope this helps robb