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Did new york have significant concentrations of German immigrants?

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Yes, but not as many as Pemmsylvania.

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What areas have significant concentrations of german immigrants?

German-Americans are heavily concentrated in New York and Pennsylvania, in Ohio, and throughout the Rust Belt.

Which states does not have concentrations of German immigrants New York Texas Wisconsin or Florida?


Out of New York Texas Wisconsin and Florida which does not have a significant concentration of German immigrants?


What states have a significant concentration of german immigrants?

German-Americans are heavily concentrated in New York and Pennsylvania, in Ohio,and other states of the Middle Colonies.

In what cities did German immigrants settle?

Many German immigrants settled in New York, Milwaukee, Cincinnati and Nacogdoches.

When did the Chinese immigrants arrive in New York City?

Chinese immigrants first began arriving in New York City in the mid-1700s, but they did not start immigrating in significant numbers until the mid-1800s.

Where German immigrants settle?

anywhere. PA Kansas, New York also Texas is obsessed with Texas

Where did most German immigrants settle?

The first groups of German immigrants settled primarily in New York and Pennsylvania. The arrivals before 1850 were mostly farmers who sought out the most productive land. German Americans established the first kindergartens in the United States.

Where in the US did Germans first landed?

German Immigrants came through Ellis island in New York state.

When was the hot dog indroduced into the US?

It is said that in the 1860's German immigrants first sold hot dogs in New York.

Where did the immigrants from Ellis Island go to live?

The immigrants that passed through Ellis island moved to a variety of places, generally based on their ethnicity. In general, the Irish immigrants went to Boston or New York, German immigrants moved to the Midwest, and English immigrants stayed on the east coast. However, there are always exceptions.

What percentage of ellis island immigrants stayed in new york?

about 33.3% immigrants stayed in new york

Immigrants in the middle colonies?

The Middle Colonies of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York and New Jersey represented the greatest diversity in terms of immigrants in the Thirteen colonies. Advantaged by ports that brought a steady stream of immigrants, the Middle colonies had French, Scotch, Irish, Germans, Dutch, Swedish, German and English immigrants among their populace.

Why did the German imigrants come to America?

America had a loose open door policy towards war immigrants during the world wars. Which is one of the reasons why the Statue of Liberty is in New York, to greet (probably wives tale but still interesting) the new immigrants as they got off of the boats at the Port of New York.

Where did most immigrants settle?

New York

Where did immigrants live?

Irish New York

How was life in New york for immigrants?

Gudd !!

What effect did immigrants have on New York City's population?

The immigrants make New York City's population a lot more bigger than before!

When was German School New York created?

German School New York was created in 1980.

Where did Italian immigrants land 1921?

New york

Who said that new york city is a city of immigrants?

you did

Where did immigrants come in at new york?

Ellis Island

How did immigrants travel to New york harbor?

by boat

How did immigrants get to New York from Ellis Island?

By ferry.

Where did the Italian immigrants settle in US?

New York