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No! People did not want the first world war to start.


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They didnt want to start a war

He started it because Germany lost a lot of land in world war l so he wanted to get more land

Most people through out the world did NOT want a war. It was a neccessity at the time; something that had to be done.

People didn't want to go to war because they didn't want to die.

Did DeWitt Clinton Want to start a war?

They felt that it was nothing to do with them and didn't want to get involved in a 'European' war.

World peace and freedom for all people.

World war 3 is not about to start but we are at war with Iraq, Afghanistan ,and Iran. Why would you think world war 3 is about to start?

Hitler did not start World War 1.

where is world war 1 come from?how many years a go in world war 1?what is world war 1?how many people dead in world war 1?who is win in world war 1?how many people live in world war 1?when the world war 1 start?how many helicopter they use?when thwe world war fished?

yea evryone wanted the world war 1 just because of 1 murder

during the start of the ww1.

Hitler did not start world war 1.

the domestic economy was in trouble, if he could start a war, then people would not ask awkward questions.

why did the revoltionary war even start? cuz the people who went to tha new world wanted theeir own land

they were people who didnt want to join the war because of religious views etc

Because he want to kill another people like you :)) .

There is no World War 3.

Hitler wanted to start World War II because when he was a child, he was severly beaten and blamed the Jews for it. Or, it could be because the Jews didn't follow the same religion as the rest of Germany and that may be why Hitler wanted to start his mass genocide and World War II.

The Great Depression did not start a war. It ended when World War II started, but it started no war.

how did world war one start

Because he didn't want to start world war 3.

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