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Did soldiers receive the purple heart during World War 1?


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The first Purple Heart was awarded on February 22, 1932. This was many years after World War I had ended, however, there were an estimated 320,500 purple hearts awarded to veterans of World War I.

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John F. Kennedy was awarded the Purple Heart for his service in the Navy during World War II.

An estimated 1,076,245 people recieved a Purple Heart in World War II.

None. The Purple Heart wasn't awarded between the Revolutionary War and World War 2.

German soldiers during World War I were called "Huns" by the American soldiers. The Germans called their soldiers "The Bosch" during World War I.

Most personnel who served in the armed forces during WW1 were eligible for the World War 1 Victory Medal for periods of service between 1917-1918? The WWI Victory Medal had nothing to do with being wounded. US soldiers wounded received a Certificate, which later, when the Purple Heart Medal was created in 1932, could be "turned in" for a Purple Heart Medal.

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The S Irish didn’t stay out the war as my 15 years old grandad joined up . Although his politicians let German Uboats refuel until threatened by the U.K. of dire consequences

John F. Kennedy earned the Purple Heart during World War II.

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