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Scotland and the Black DeathYes, Scotland suffered from the Black Death. (Plagues don't respect borders).


in Edinburgh there is a famous place called Mary kings close where hundreds of plague (and some non plague ) victims were walled up inside and left to die.


The plague outbreak which Mary King's Close is famously associated with happened in 1645. The story about plague victims being walled up is a myth. It is haunted, however, and well worth going on the tour.

The Black Death is the name for the plague outbreak which spread across Europe and England around 1349. The Scots spent a year or so laughing at the misfortune of the English, and assembled an army to take advantage of the situation. Before they could attack the plague spread across the border and killed most of them. The rest fled back to the Highlands taking the disease with them.

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Q: Did the Black Death affect Scotland?
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