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Did the Black Death affect Scotland?

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Scotland and the Black DeathYes, Scotland suffered from the Black Death. (Plagues don't respect borders).


in Edinburgh there is a famous place called Mary kings close where hundreds of plague (and some non plague ) victims were walled up inside and left to die.


The plague outbreak which Mary King's Close is famously associated with happened in 1645. The story about plague victims being walled up is a myth. It is haunted, however, and well worth going on the tour.

The Black Death is the name for the plague outbreak which spread across Europe and England around 1349. The Scots spent a year or so laughing at the misfortune of the English, and assembled an army to take advantage of the situation. Before they could attack the plague spread across the border and killed most of them. The rest fled back to the Highlands taking the disease with them.

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Was Scotland hit by the black death?

yes, whole Europe was struck by Black Death. Black Death spread in the Scotland as well.

Where was the black death happening?

Most of Europe and Aisa from India to Scotland is where the Black Death occured.

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black death affect our lives by killing us..... the plague

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In which year did the dubonic plague reach Scotland?

You mean 'Bubonic Plague' or 'Black Death'. It reached Scotland in 1349.

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The churches were affected by black death because they smelled weird.c:

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The Black Death killed millions of people in Europe.

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The Black Plague or Death affected all of Europe in 1347 to 1351.

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Black Death caused revolts. Causing lands stolen and seized by servants.

What was the black death and how did it affect the middle ages?

Black Death was a Plague pandemic. It changed Europe socially and economically.

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Black death affected the lower classes cause rats sneaked into the ships in the lower classes and infected them with black death.

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The black death appeared in Norwich in 1349, 1362 and 1369. It caused the death of over a quarter of the population.

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Black Death destroyed the economy. Right after Black Death was gone economy recovered. Better than before.

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Black Death changed whole course of history. It gave new ideology to people.

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trade started to underdevelope

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Did the black death affect people deeply?

sadly yes

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The clergy affected the black death by the higher death rate among them, led the people to lose faith in the Church as an institution.

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Black Death made people to loose faith on church. It reduced influence of catholic church.

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Black Death created many new opportunities. These made its economy rise again.

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