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did the New England colonies have any mountains

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In my History class, we were told they had a hilly terrain. When I looked at pictures of the Appalachian Mountains in Maine, it looks like the Appalachain Mountains continue into the New England colonies, but they were probably eroded and maybe more hill-like than mountain-like.

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Q: Did the New England Colonies have mountains?
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What are the Rivers and Mountains in the New England Colonies?

the New England colonies were near the Application mountains and the st Lawrence River.

What were the names of the mountains in new England colonies?

The Appalachian Mountains.

What is the geography of the New England Colonies the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies?

In the southern Colonies there was no westward movement because of the appalacian mountains. In the New England Colonies they were close to the ocean and were a trade region. The Middle Colonies were known as the "bread basket colonies". There were also no big mountains and some hills.

What were important landforms in the New England colonies?

appalachian mountains

What ran along tge applalachian mountains from new england to the southern colonies?

Backcountry is a colonial region that ran along the Appalachian Mountains through the far western part of the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.

What is the different New England colonies?

New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies

Were did the New England colonies live at?

They lived on the east coast of America close to the Appalachian mountains

Who practiced subsistence farming the new England colonies middle colonies or southern colonies?

The New England colonies

What adavantage did the middle colonies have over the new England and southern colonies?

They have the Appalachian Mountains which were heavily wooded and provided an excellent source of lumber.

What form of government did the New England colonies have?

The New England Colonies at first were "Royal Colonies" where England ruled them itself. Later on, they separated and became a new England Government.

What technology did the New England colonies have?

what tecnologies were discussed in the new england colonies

How was religion different between the New England colonies and Southern colonies?

The New England colonies were predominantly dissenters and the southern colonies were predominantly Church of England.

What state in New England has the most mountains?

what mountains cover much of new england??!!

What major regions developed in the colonies by the 1700s?

The colonial regions in the 1700s were the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies, the Southern Colonies, and the Back Country. The Back Country was near the Appalachian Mountains.

What mountain range is running through the New England colonies?

The Appalachian mountain range - which include the Longfellow Mountains in Maine, the White Mountains in New Hampshire, the Green Mountains in Vermont and the Berkshires in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

What was the colonies in th New England colonies?

England and Mexico

How many colonies in the New England colony?

The original 13 colonies made up the New England colonies.

What did the New England colonies?

This question is unanswerable What do you mean? What did the new England colonies...? huh?

What was land like in the New England colonies?

what was the land like in the new england colonies

When did the New England Colonies settle?

The New England colonies were settled in 1629-1680.

Facts about the New England colonies flag?

fact of new England colonies flag

What was the religious characteristics of the New England colonies?

in the new England colonies there were the puritans and pilgrims

Why was farming hard in the new England colonies?

Farming was hard in the New England colonies because New England had poor farmland.

What did southern colonies middle colonies and New England colonies have in common?

one thing that the new England colonies have in common are that they have fertile soil

What is different between new England colonies and the middle colonies?

England was in charge of the new England colonies. Where the middle colonies had their own government.

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What is the geography of the New England Colonies the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies?

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