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Yes America helped the Jews in the Holocaust.


During the Holocaust (that is the actual genocide) the only help that the U.S. or any Allied country gave was indirect - by defeating Germany. There was no military action targeted at stopping the Holocaust itself.

By the time the Americans and other Allies reached the concentration camps it was far too late. About six million Jews had already been murdered. For most of World War 2 the Allies did not want to know about the fate of the Jews, although they were receiving regular reports about what was happening.

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Did the United Nations help Jews during the Holocaust?

No, the United Nations did not exist at the time.

Did Christian churches help Jews during the Holocaust?

Yes Chrisian churches helped Jews during the Holocaust....

Who were the other victims of the holocaust besides the Jews and why?

danish if they tried to help jews

What do Jews do to remember the Holocaust?

Those who have memories of the Holocaust have no trouble and need no help in remembering.

What did Winton do?

Help campaign about the nazis and help jews during the Holocaust

What did Nicholas Winton do?

Help campaign about the nazis and help jews during the holocaust

How did Jews find their family after holocaust?

there were agencies established to help them.

How did the Us help during the Holocaust?

The United States didn't help. It is not clear how much the government knew, but there are reports that it was suspected that people were being killed in camps. The main thrust of the United States was to fight the war and to win.

What did Father Marie Benoit do for the Jews?

help some of them escape from the holocaust

Why did the usa not help the Holocaust?

The question seems to wonder why the United States did not partake in the Holocaust during WWII which is a rather absurd question. It seems that you're asking if the United States could have done more to prevent the horrors of the Holocaust. The pure and simple answer is that the United States made major contributions to ending the Holocaust including being a major participant in defeating Nazi Germany and actually liberating prisoners from prison camps. However, historians do debate if the United States could have done more. Typically, historians who argue that the United States did enough argue that any resources devoted by the US to stop the Holocaust ultimately diverts resources away from actually defeating Hitler. Historians who argue that the United States could have done more typically argue that the United States knew about the Holocaust and could have done something to slow the Germans down. The one problem with this is that the best method of stopping the Holocaust is to get the victims out of German custody and that is impractical without physically invading the continent.

Did any of the Jews manage to rescue themselves from the Holocaust?

Yes, there are holocaust survivors. Most of the Jews had help from the outside escaping, but many left their hometowns before the Nazis could get to them.

Did Israel help the Jews at the time of the Holocaust?

At the time, Israel didn't exist.

What the purpose of Holocaust badges?

To help the Germans Know who was who between the Jews and the Germans.

Did Europeans rescue or help some Jews during the holocaust?

Yes. Some.

How did the synagogues help the Holocaust?

Synagogues didn't help the holocaust. It was just a religious place for Jews to go for Jewish New Year and pray the blessings in Hebrew and light sabbath candles. ____ Synagogues had lists of members - of Jews.

When did Albert Einstein move to the United States?

Albert Einstein left Germany to visit United States when Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933 he decided not to go back.. But ended up going back to help the Jews escape and brought back to my knowledge was around 200 Jews to the United States.

Did anyone try to help the Jews during the holocaust?

some people tried and succeeded in helping individual Jews, no one could help them as a group.

Did the Jews receive any help in the holocaust?

Most help came from individuals and, to some extent, charities.

How did Sweden help Jews in the holocaust?

Sweden took jews in because the Demark jews was sent to neutral demark 95% of Demark jews escaped into neutral sweden

How did the Star of David affect the Jews in the Holocaust?

It doesnt help the jews because the star of david is the symbol of the jewish religion

Why didn't other nation's leaders help with Holocaust?

they knew the Jews didnt matter

What Specific Countries Did Not Help In The Holocaust Genocide?

Untied States was one of the many countries whom at at first did not help during the holocaust

How many Jews escaped from denmark?

During the Holocaust only 51/82000 Danish Jews were killed. Most Jews with the help of Neutral Sweden and the Danish Government were able to emmigrate to Sweden since it was neutral during the Holocaust. That was a total of 99.6 per cent of Jews from Denmark were saved from the Nazi Genocide known as the Holocaust.

How did the US help Jews after the Holocaust?

the truth is that us didn't help the Jew's. sure afterwards they let some into America but during the actual holocaust they did nothing to stop it. shame on them.

Did the US help the Jews during the Holocaust?

The US was fighting against Germany for the liberation of Jews. ___ None of the Allies was fighting "for the liberation of the Jews", and none of the Allies did anything aimed at slowing down, disrupting or halting the Holocaust. The Allies didn't want to know what was happening to the Jews. During World War 2 they did nothing to help the Jews. Obviously, with the Allied victory over Nazi Germany, the Holocaust came to an end, but that wasn't why the Allies fought.