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Was the US involved in the Holocaust?


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No. The Holocaust was the attempted wholesale extermination, by Nazi Germany, of all Jews, Slavs and other people the Nazis considered "subhuman". the United States, and its allies, stopped the holocaust by winning the war.


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Hey, the US was not involved in the Holocaust. I wonder if you are confusing the Holocaust with World War 2.

I wonder if you are confusing World War 2 with the Holocaust (which happened during World War 2). Neither the US nor any of its Allies was directly "involved" with the Holocaust.

America didn't get involved with the holocaust because they really didn't know anything. They had no idea what was going on. ___ The Holocaust was reported in the media in the US at the time and especially from late 1942 on. There was no simple solution.

they werent involved because it happened in Germany

The US fought in World War 2 from 1941-1945, but that is not the same thing as the Holocaust. Please see the related question.

Besides liberating the camps and providing moral, mental, and health support, the U.S wasn't involved in the holocaust. The 1st camp liberated by the US was the Dachau camp, by the 45th Infantry Division. Hope this helped!

He was born in 1938 in Britain and was not involved in the Holocaust.

The Holocaust was genocide. See the related question.

Nothing. There are many Holocaust museums established in the United States, generally by or for those who survived or escaped the Holocaust and move to the US. The US authorities have tried to create links between the Holocaust and other events, to make it relateable to Us culture, but it was an event which happened to other people in another part of the world with which the US was not involved.

Depends on your definition of "Involved." We got involved in World War 2 because the Japanese bombed us. Then, we fought Nazi Europe an discovered the horror that was the Holocaust. We finally knew what we were fighting for and against. Against cruelty and fighting for liberation of the innocents!

He didn't get involved, he was the one who started the holocaust because he hated Jews. He was part Jew himself.

The United States wasn't involved until later in the war. They didn't join until after Pearl Harbor in 1941 (December 7). Then the US was focused mainly on Japan but later became involved with liberating Jews from concentration camps. This was their primary role during the holocaust. So to sum it up, the US was one of the main liberators of camps during the holocaust.

Bob Hope was not a hero of the Holocaust. He was in no way involved. During this period he worked for the USO providing entertainment and morale boosting shows for the US army, who also had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

Children were not involved as perpetrators, if that is what you mean.

The ones who were involved with the Holocaust genocide were the Nazis and antisemites. The genocide that was committed was basically to wipe out the Jews and their Jewish culture.

It looks as if you are confusing World War 2 with the Holocaust.

Asians who were targeted were mostly POW or the rare immigrants. Asians generally weren't a problem during the Holocaust, it targeted Jews and Gypsies, but WW2 is separate from the Holocaust and people don't realize it. the US got involved in WW2 because of the Holocaust, which was Hitler's burning of Jews to get rid of the 'unclean' people. Then Japan attacked Pearl Harbor which got us involved in the war. The Holocaust is only a factor that was a part of WW2, but wasn't the only reason why we were at war with Germany and Japan.

Other than Adolf Hitler, Another leader involved in the Holocaust was a man named Himmler

He was the leader of the holocaust and anne frank was a jew....retard

The holocaust involved killing helpless civilians, many of them children.

Countries that were involved with the Holocaust were Poland, Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom. Many citizens from these countries were sent to Nazi Death Camps.

The Holocaust was not the fault of the US! It is sometimes said that the US and their Allies did not do much (or anything) to stop the Holocaust. See the related question.

they were more than involved, without them it would not have existed.

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