Did the allies would win the war without the Russians?

After most of a lifetime researching this topic, I am of the opinion..."Just my Opinion" that sooner or later the Allies would have defeated Germany. However, at the time and considering the lenght of the war from 1941 to 1945 it would have been doubtful. The Soviets lost 27 million combat deaths in four years, that isn't considering civillian deaths, is also doesn't count German casualties which have been estimated at 4.5 million dead or MIA. The Soviets had one thing going for them amongst other things, they had an unlimited supply of men and women to fight, the Germans didn't...Just to give you a measure of what the deaths were like, the Russians lost more men and material in one day at the battle of Kursk, than the American and British Armies did the first two weeks of the invasion of France..I am very strong of the opinion that if the Soviets were not in the war, WWII atleast in Europe would have lasted alot longer