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Did the allies would win the war without the Russians?


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After most of a lifetime researching this topic, I am of the opinion..."Just my Opinion" that sooner or later the Allies would have defeated Germany. However, at the time and considering the lenght of the war from 1941 to 1945 it would have been doubtful. The Soviets lost 27 million combat deaths in four years, that isn't considering civillian deaths, is also doesn't count German casualties which have been estimated at 4.5 million dead or MIA. The Soviets had one thing going for them amongst other things, they had an unlimited supply of men and women to fight, the Germans didn't...Just to give you a measure of what the deaths were like, the Russians lost more men and material in one day at the battle of Kursk, than the American and British Armies did the first two weeks of the invasion of France..I am very strong of the opinion that if the Soviets were not in the war, WWII atleast in Europe would have lasted alot longer


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became allies of Germany

The Soviets (Russians) may have beat the western allies into Berlin.

the Germans were involved in world war 1 cause they were Siberia's allies and Russians allies

If you are referring to the white Russians in the Russian civil war, the white Russians were the non-communist party in the war. They were supported by the allies of World War One, but they did not receive adequate backing, and lost the civil war.

The European allies which fought against Napoleon were: The British, Germans, Prussians and the Russians.

most but not all the Russians fought with the Germans in the invasion of Poland. but after that the German got greedy and attacked the Russians who swapped over to the allies and helped win the war.

The Russians were on the winning side, they did not win the war by themselves. Of the Allies fighting in Europe the Russians suffered the biggest losses, but much of the equipment (planes, trucks) the Russians used were made in America.

The Russians were part of the Triple Entente which was the allies. The triple entente was U.K. France and Russia.

Americans, British and the Russians. after Hitler broke his defensive pact with the Russians, the Russians switched teams and joined the allies

There were quite a few, the British and Russians were the biggest allies but there was also the Canadians, Austrailians, and what was left of the French, to name a few.

Had the Western Allies (British/US, etc) not reached Berlin in time, the Russians (Soviets) would have taken over all, if not most of Germany. Germans were surrendering in droves to the Western Allies, to avoid being captured by the Soviets (Russians).

The Allies, along with the Russians, fought up to and into the very centre of Berlin. Hitler committed suicide in his bunker.

it was at war with the Axis - Germany and her allies. The Russians were first into the bunker where hitlers body was found.

The Russians pushed from the East. The Allies pushed from the North and South.

The Allies. In 1917, the Russian Revoloution began and the Russians withdrew.

The Russians were allied with Germany but then Germany turned on Russia and invaded them. Since Russia and the Allies now had a common enemy Russia joined up with the Allies.

The allies started by liberating countries Germany occupied early in the war. then there was a smash of Germany as the Western Allies and the Russians pour in on both sides, causing Germany to not be able to get any resources which made lots of citizens starve. Then the Russians invade Berlin causing Germany to surender.

because the russians were leagaly our allies but if we fought by there side they would be mad when we took all the credit

Which war? They won against the Chinese in 1894, against the Russians in '05, and lost against the allies in '45 (WWII).

Allies are your teamates. You help them and they help you. In war Allies are considered to be your friends, you may not like them but you have to work with them. The oppisite to allies would be enemies.

The Russians were on the Allies team, but at the end they weren't given enough credit for their work. They took a sacrifice by having some of their men not use guns which caused many deaths. The USSR (Russians) did the best they could with what they had and the other countries in the Allies didn't give them much credit for helping win the war.

Italy never really got involved in ww1... but they were allies with the Russians

Allied propaganda was propaganda issued by the allies in the Second World War--the British, the Americans, the Russians and their associates.

The United Nations would be the allies.

The Russians persevered over Axis forces at Stalingrad and it marked the furthest the German Army progressed in the Eastern theater of war and was a significant morale boost to the Russians and the Allies .

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