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Did the chicken or egg come first?


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An organism would have to develop from another organism, under the current theory of biological life. An "egg", the offspring, could not develop spontaneously.

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Chicken, through evolution. Then the chicken lays the egg

The chicken. Without the hen, the egg could not be formed nor laid. Therefore, the hen must come first.

God created all animals first, including the chicken, so the egg has to come after the chicken. Lets say the egg came first. If it did come first, then did a pregnant cow come first as well? See, it just doesn't add up.

god made the chicken and the chicken made an egg OR Dinosaurs laid eggs before the chicken Yellow pineapples purple monkeys in space

Depends on your beliefs. If you believe in evolution, it was the egg, because the "fully evolved" chicken would come from the egg. But if you believe in creation, the chicken came first, because God created the chicken first.

It depends on who your are asking. Logically, an egg is born from a chicken. But if there is no chicken for the egg to be born from, then there would be no egg. But assuming we are talking about the first chicken in existence, then it would have been born most likely from an egg, but not from a chicken. It would be from an animal that would become a chicken through evolution, or a species that was evolving into the chicken. If that were the case, then the first chicken as we know chicken today would have started as an egg, from non-chicken parents.

The chicken. God gave Earth a chicken and it layed eggs.

I believe the rooster came before the egg and the chicken thus he fertilize the egg to make the chicken that he could then mate with to multiply shove that in your bible..

well, i bet you know this but technically the chicken comes first in the dictionary. But if your talking about which one hatches first then i would say the egg.

The egg. Dinosaurs and other creatures were laying eggs before the ancestors of the chicken even evolved.

the chicken....... there cant be an egg without a chicken first.

I think the egg came first-not nessacerikly a chickens egg but an egg may have come first I think the chicken came first because, the chicken evolved from soemthing that wasnt a chicken and once it was a chicken it had an egg. but the egg the chickn came from had a chicken in... im confused This is one of those questions that has been debated for years. We may never know the answer...or perhaps we now do. In 2006 a geneticist, philosopher and chicken farmer say they have the answer. It was the egg. See link.

the egg came first because where are you going to get the chicken if their is no egg... you can't get a chicken out of thin air need a egg to get the first chicken.... then that chicken lays a egg ...then that one does , then the next and so on...the earth's matter made up the first egg....kill the first'll still have a egg to get another chicken...kill the first egg.... chickens would cease to ''egg-sist''(exsist).The egg came first from another animal that adapted into the chicken. Kind of like how humans came from monkeys.

If you believe the story of Noah, then the chicken came first.

The egg, of course. Since chickens evolved from dinosaurs, the chicken would have had to have been an offspring of a dinosaur and, therefore, come from an egg.

== == The chicken actually came first because God made all life forms as an adult.If it were the egg to come first,then who would warm the egg right?just like Adam and Eve,theyfirst come as Adults,not actually,the chicken comes before the egg/

The Lord made ALL creatures. So the CHICKEN came FIRST.

A egg comes from a chicken.

The egg because what would the chicken come from

i think that is EGGS come first as maybe the god wanted it to be but it must have 2 because you need both CHICKEN and ROASTER to produce an egg.

the chicken 'cause if the egg came first how will it know what to do and where will it had came from??? so the chicken came first.

Ah, the unanswerable question/riddle. A chicken is born from an egg, but the egg must come from a chicken. And so, we will never be able to answer this question correctly.

The egg came first.Because there was some kind of mutation and the chicken was born not in a egg. Then the mutated specie began to have eggs. Then a lot of chicken were born that's how we have chickens now.

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