Paradox and Antithesis

Includes questions related to contradictory statements or when opposing words are used to create a balance.

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Paradox and Antithesis

What came first the chicken or the egg?

well, its the egg, because the dinowsaurs layed eggs, and some of them evolved into birds, therefore the egg came first.

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Paradox and Antithesis

What is the fertilization process for chicken eggs?

The male mounts the hen from behind and stands on her back. The rooster's cloaca transfers semen into the cloaca of the hen. The cloaca is a common receptacle for the intestinal tract, the reproductive system and the urinary system. A spermatozoa sac makes its way up the oviduct and is stored in accessory sex organ in the female. There, the sperm is nourished and released over several days. So the rooster does not have to mate with the hen each time she lays an egg to produce a fertile egg. Fertility only remains high for about 10 days before another mating is needed to increase fertility of the eggs laid. Egg yolks that have a germ cell on the surface are ovulated about every 24 to 26 hours. The spermatozoa fertilize the germ cell, then the albumen, or white of the egg is secreted around the yolk by the reproductive tract. Then the shell membranes and the shell are secreted and deposited as the egg travels down the reproductive tract. The egg is laid back through the cloaca, as mentioned above. This is the way fertile eggs are laid by the hen. The hen would still lay eggs if a rooster were not around, but the eggs would not be fertile.

Paradox and Antithesis
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What is alphas antithesis?


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What makes a good rhetorical speech?


Paradox and Antithesis

Is it normal for a narcissist to lie about things to the point where if the truth came out he'd lose everything and then live and act as if he is invincible and untouchable?

Yes. Most likely he will just act as if nothing is wrong. Sometimes they seem to just BELIEVE their own lies to a point where they truly feel justified. Yes, they are very convincing liars. I have found the N in my life is only this way to people he CAN lie to. New people. He lies to them and about them. Some people that have known him for years have no idea he is this way, most likely because they know if he's lying about work and such, but he can lie to them about OTHER things while being his false self and they believe him because they have no idea of the monster inside of him. I watched him destroy a friend of his and when I tried to call him on his lies in front of who he had lied to it was me who looked the fool. He lied to them in front of my face and they believed him. I have seen him have entire sections of his life that he made up to impresss people. He would not tell a single truth at times. He will hurt someone and discard them while living as if he never knew them! It's always their fault! If he does something he has an excuse and he blames others, while never taking any blame himself! He is incapable of it. If he is confronted he will avoid it in any way he can. I constantly watch him lie with this Smug arrogance and i think there is NO way someone is believing this crap, but they DO! They are very convincing but they may believe what they are saying and convinced themselves of it. They will NEVER tell the truth. They will NEVER admit to being wrong. While most of us would admit our mistakes, they will only continue the lies until the day they die. Don't forget they believe they are smarter than anyone they know and normally they are very wrong but it all depends on who they have lied to and about what but it's normal for them to lie and act as if they had never. They are smarter and better in their minds and I wouldn't hesitate to say they act invincible. Nikki Absolutely! My N lies about everything and then walks around like he's totally not at fault! If you call him on his lies he will make excuses and he actually believes he's right. It doesn't matter if it's true or not, what he says is how it is, and that's all there is to it. He has no fear because he's so arrogant and sure he's right and more important. It's really sad. They are such delusional people. My N lied and lied and lied and lied.... then lied a bit more after his life was in flames and heading toward the sh*tter.... so sure was he that lying would restore his equilibrium. He's still lying to everyone around him. He tells his parents that I'm mad over multiple affairs. At first he just told them that I was mad over ONE affair (that I'd made up and that I was lying about his choking me and his emotional terrorism and threats of leaving me destitute with two little children.) They believed him, btw. He tells his business associates I'm divorcing him bc his work schedule was so bad... then sends half naked pics of himself and boasts about how attractive he still is for a 40 year old man.... would they like to see the other half of the picture? BUSINESS ASSOCIATES! And after I knew about the affair! When I told him the only way to try saving the marriage was to come COMPLETELY clean... he lied then lied again. Over and over. I filed for divorce. That got his attentiobn but he still lied and lied. I got furiouse! Finally.... some of the truth began trickling out and it's still trickeling, though I'm done even caring to hear about it. I don't think he can tell the truth.... bc there's no truth in him. It's not personal ::shrug:: He doesn't know what lies he's told and he's forgotten what truth is. Tremusan

Paradox and Antithesis
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Why is the Monty Hall paradox true?

The Monty Hall paradox is true because it is actually not a paradox, it is a case of misdirection and/or misunderstanding that probabilities do not change just because you open a door.

Restating the problem:

You are in a game show with Monty Hall. You have three doors to choose from. Behind one door, there is a car. Behind the other two doors, there are goats. You choose a door. Just then, Monty spices things up by opening one of the other doors, to reveal a goat. He then give you an opportunity to change your mind and pick the third door. Is it in your best interest to stay with your original choice, or to change to the third door?

The answer is that you should change your mind. The odds of getting a car will double if you do that.

The misunderstanding is in not realizing that the probability distribution did not change just because Monty opened that door. One could, erroneously, think that "now, we have a 50-50 chance, and it does not matter if you change your mind". Wrong.

Look at the original problem. There is a 1 in 3 chance that the car is behind any of the three doors, and there is a 2 in 3 chance that the goat is behind any of the three doors.

Expand your thinking a bit... There are three sets of two doors; door AB, door AC, and door BC. The probability that the car is behind one of those three sets of two doors is 2 in 3. If you do not understand that, stop, and think again. Don't go forward until you agree.

Now. You picked a door. The probability that you picked the car is 1 in 3, and the probability that you picked a goat is 2 in 3. More importantly, if the probability that the car is behind your door is 1 in 3, then the probability that it is behind one of the other two doors must be 2 in 3. Again, make sure you understand this before proceeding.

Now. Monty opened one of the other two doors, revealing a goat. Quick; what is the probability that the car is behind your original door? It is 1 in 3. That did not change. Since the sum of the probabilities must be 1, then there is still a probability of 2 in 3 that the car is behind one of the other two doors.

But you know that one of the other two doors has a goat. Right? Your door is still 1 in 3. Therefore, the probability that the car is behind the third door is 2 in 3. Your odds of getting the car doubled from 1 in 3 to 2 in 3 by changing your mind.

Comment: Those probabilities only apply when Monty deliberately reveals a goat. So, hehas to knowwhat's behind the doors.

If he just opened a doorat random,then the 2 remaining doors would indeed

leave you with a 50-50 choice.

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Paradox and Antithesis

What came first the chicken or the cow?

It is thought by most scientists to be a chicken, although there is a great debate about it.

Some scientists from Harvard say it was a cow, so who no one knows for sure.

Paradox and Antithesis

How much does a nurse antithesis earn?

about $140,000 a year.

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What came first turkey or chicken or egg?

chicken when God created the earth there was two of every thing.

Very true. It is true if you believe in God then the chicken or turkey came first because if the egg came first than there wouldn't be anything to keep the egg warm so they don't die. So the answer is yes.

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What rhymes with tutorial?

memorial :)

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What came first the dinosaurs or creation?

The word 'creation' means 'to bring in to existence' or 'to come in to being'. Life cannot exist without a medium, and the earth has not always existed. Therefore, regardless of your religious views, the creation of the earth must have occured before dinosaurs evolved or were created, excepting those (rather strange) faiths that believe that the earth always has been and always will be, as well as those which believe that all change is illusory.

Dinosaurs existed well over 60,000,000 years ago and the myth of Creation first started a few thousand years ago. So dinosaurs.

Paradox and Antithesis

What is a paradoxical injunction?

A paradoxical injunction is a method used to prevent or curb particular unwanted behaviours. It involves inviting the person concerned to perform the behaviour concerned. For example, a child who is prone to temper tantrums (and whose behaviour is rewarded and reinforced by the attention given when he or she has a 'tantrum') is far less likely to have a tantrum if urged to have one. It can be a very effective approach but it has its risks and should be used only in the appropriate, carefully chosen circumstances. It is not recommended for beginners.

Paradox and Antithesis
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Who existed first dinosaurs or humans?

Dinosaurs evolved and then became extinct long before man walked the Earth.

  • 245 mya (million years ago) dinosaurs evolved.
  • 208 mya birds evolved.
  • 65 mya dinosaurs became extinct.
  • 80 thousand years ago humans evolved on the plains of Africa.
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Is there a list of rhetorical devices?

List of rhetorical devices:


Use of personal pronoun 'i'





Rhetorical question

Emotive language




Short sentences

Audience involvement

Modal verbs










Direct address

Own opinion


Chronological order

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What is Paradoxical excitation?

From what I've gathered Paradoxical excitation is a function of the brain, a disorder that can be caused by certain medication, a sort of "wired" or excitable feeling. There are medical research cases regarding this. Google it and you can read the case studies.

Paradox and Antithesis

What can a paradox be defined as?

A paradox can be simply defined as a true statement or group of statements that leads to a contradiction or situation which defies intuition.

Here is a list of paradoxes:

Barbershop paradox: The supposition that if one of two simultaneous assumptions leads to a contradiction, the other assumption is also disproved leads to paradoxical consequences.

What the Tortoise Said to Achilles "Whatever Logic is good enough to tell me is worth writing down...", also known as Carroll's paradox, not to be confused with the physical paradox of the same name.

Crocodile Dilemma: If a crocodile steals a child and promises its return if the father can correctly guess what the crocodile will do, how should the crocodile respond in the case that the father guesses that the child will not be returned?

Catch-22 (logic): In need of something which can only be had by not being in need of it.

Drinker paradox: In any pub there is a customer such that, if he or she drinks, everybody in the pub drinks.

Paradox of entailment: Inconsistent premises always make an argument valid.

Horse paradox: All horses are the same color.

Lottery paradox: There is one winning ticket in a large lottery. It is reasonable to believe of a particular lottery ticket that it is not the winning ticket, since the probability that it is the winner is so very small. But it is obviously not reasonable to believe that no lottery ticket will win.

Raven paradox (or Hempel's Ravens): Observing a green apple increases the likelihood of all ravens being black.

Unexpected hanging paradox: The day of the hanging will be a surprise, so it cannot happen at all, so it will be a surprise. The surprise examination and Bottle Imp paradox use similar logic.

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How do chickens lay eggs how do the eggs get out of the chicken?

Chickens lay eggs like this: Female Chicken meets male chicken. The two chickens express their love and an egg is "planted"in the female chickens bum. Later, she tries to poo, but instead comes out an egg.

But seriously, folks: Female chickens (hens) lay eggs, regardless of the presence of a male chicken (rooster). If the avian love making is successful, the egg is fertilized and a chick can develop. Fertilized or not, all eggs are laid the same, through the oviduct. A hen will try to incubate all her eggs--not just the fertilized ones.

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Paradox and Antithesis

What is a time paradox?

A time paradox generally refers to a paradox of time travel.

The most well-known time paradox is the grandfather paradox. Follow the logic here: If you went back in time and killed your grandfather, then your own father would never have been born and thus you would never have been born. However, if you were never born, then you could never have have gone back in time and killed your grandfather. Therein lies the paradox. What would happen then? Well, since no one's ever traveled through time, it's impossible to know for sure. There are some theories:

  1. According to the Back to the Future films, the universe would explode.
  2. After killing your grandfather, you would return to the present only to find yourself in a world where you don't exist. Basically, you would be like James Stewart in It's A Wonderful Life.
  3. According to the Novikov self-consistency principle, if you went back in time and tried to kill your grandfather, you would find yourself unable to.

Another time paradox is the predestination paradox, also known as a "casual loop". This was demonstrated in an episode of The Twilight Zone where a man traveled back in time to determine the cause of a famous fire. While in the past, he accidentally knocked over a kerosene lantern and started the very fire he was trying to determine the cause of. Unlike the grandfather paradox, this does not create a contradiction. In fact, strictly speaking, this is perfectly consistent. However, it's a paradox because it seems to indict that free will doesn't exist or that it's an illusion.

An ontological paradox is kind of a version of the predestination paradox. Now, let's say that one day your future self shows up and gives you blueprints to build a time machine. You then build a time machine and travel back in time to give the blueprints to yourself, closing the loop. All this begs the question, where did the blueprints come from in the first place? Well, nowhere, apparently. Perhaps from an earlier timeline.

A quick expanation of a time paradox is imagine if you had a time machine, and you went back and killed your grandfather, as a consequence of this your father or mother would never have been conceived, and thus neither will you have been. The paradox comes into play as this, if you were not conceived because you had killed your grandfather, and your parent wasnt born, and you werent born, this means you didnt exist, and If you didnt exist, you werent around to kill your grandfather in the first place, so your parent will have been born, thusly you would have been too. Its all very confusing. Also, imagine someone you love dies,and you go back in time to save them, and you do, the reason you travelled back in time is to save that person, if that person is saved and alive and well, there was no reason to go back in time anyway, so the loop begins again.

Also in the new show into the universes with Stephen Hawking a crazy scientis builds a time machine, sets it to be a minute earlier then the present, assembles a gun, goes to the other side of the time machine sees himself assembling the gun and shoots himself through the machine.

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What are the three types of irony?

There is dramatic, situational, and verbal irony.

Dramatic Irony- the contrast between what the character knows and what his audience knows.

Situational Irony- the contrast between what was expected to happen and what actually ended up happening.

Verbal Irony- the contrast between what is said and what is meant.

These types of irony have to do with the conflict, theme, and setting.

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Is 'sweet repose' an oxymoron?

No, an oxymoron is two words that express the opposite of each other in meaning. Sweet is not the opposite of repose.

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What is the smallest chicken egg?

Maybe the Bantam egg

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What is a good example of a paradox?

"This sentence is a lie"

The time-traveling grandma-killer.

Suppose you build a time machine, go back in time to find your grandmother when she was three years old, and then drown her in the bathtub.

So she never grows up, and never has any kids.

Therefore, one of your parents was never born.

Therefore, YOU were never born.

Therefore, you never traveled back in time and killed your infant grandma.

So she DID grow up and have kids.

Therefore, your parent WAS born.

Therefore, YOU were born!

Therefore, you traveled back in time and killed your infant grandma.

Ad infinitum.

- Paradox - "A statement that seems contradictory or absurd but, is actually valid or true."

For example: "I know that I know nothing." Knowing "know nothing" is knowing something thus cannot be "know nothing". This logic is self-contradictory, but one can know that they know nothing.

Paradox and Antithesis
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Plural form of antithesis?


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What is the meaning of the paradox parting is such sweet sorrow that you must say goodbye until tomorrow?

A line from the play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare; Juliet is saying good night to Romeo. Their sorrowful parting is also "sweet" because it makes them think about the next time they will see each other.

There are dozens of answers like this on the internet - "parting is sorrow because this but sweet because that". All true but it goes deeper: Juliet is not saying "parting is sorrowful but also sweet", the sorrow itself is sweet. It is Love that delights in the beloved and it is Love that hurts to be apart; the joy and the pain are a single emotion, the pain isthe joy: they cannot be separated.

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Why can a chicken egg grow so long?

Long eggs are a result of an extended period within the oviduct pf the hen.

Older hens often lay long eggs simply because their aging oviduct is no longer as pliable as a younger hen.


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