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Some did and some didn't. I have the same vehicle with dual tanks. If it didn't come with a converter, these are the things to look for. Under the hood there will be a sticker that says no catalytic converter, the filler spout will be oversized for the leaded gas, and there will be no marking under the fuel gauge that say UNLEADED FUEL. All of that no converter.

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Why is catalytic converter overheating?

A catalytic converter overheats due to an excess of unburned hydrocarbons reaching it through the exhaust stream for an extended period of time. This overworks the catalyst bed inside the converter, which then starts to become plugged, generating even more heat as it does. In short order, the converter will become a significant exhaust obstruction, causing the engine to overheat and lose power. Eventually, this will prevent the engine from running, due to the inability of the exhaust to escape, denying the engine the opportunity to "breathe"...

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Can you drive your truck with the o2 sencor un plugged?

Yes. The system will go into limp mode. Performance will drop along with fuel mileage. Extended periods of running time with O2 sensor(s) disconnected may cause serious damage to the catalytic converter(s).

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Why would you lose power why driving your 98 Oldsmobile 88 it will start back once i put into park but just dies while driving.?

you need to check fuel pressure while car is losing power .auto shops have extended hoses on their fuel pressure tester so they can close hood and see the gauge while driving, if pressure drops when trying to accellerate check for clogged fuel filter if pressure is good and car die while your foot is on gas check for clogged catalytic converter. also check for trouble codes with a scanner. most common problems for your car are bad fuel pumps,bad cam and crank sensors, bad mas air flow sensor,and faulty ignition coil packs and ignition modules, also a misfire will cause damage to you catalytic converter

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The 1998 Ford Ranger Owner Guide shows Ford Extended Life Engine Coolant ( Dexcool )

Is idling a car engine for extended periods - over 6 hrs - harmful?

Yes, ideling your engine for extended periods of time is not recommended, due to the fact that carbon deposits can build up on the head of the pistons and CFC's (unburned gases) emitted out the tail pipe are more concentrated and harmful to the environment. Engine idling does have a couple of effects on the engine, the most severe is to the connecting rod bearings. Because of the relatively slow speed of the engine, more pressure is exerted on the bottom center and top center of the bearings. The faster the engine turns, the load gets spread out more evenly over the bearing surface. Prime vehicles for this kind of damage is police cars. Police cars spend an inordinate amount of time idling writing tickets, filling out reports and stake outs. I have replaced many a connecting rod bearing in police car engines because of this. The other effect is not so drastic. It is an idling engine may not get hot enough to start the catalytic convert working or hot enough to run efficiently. It may also load up the catalytic converter with fuel that could lead to an early demise of the catalytic converter.

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2004-07 Saturn Ion Red Line extended warranty for 10 years or 120,000 miles whichever comes first. Normal warranty is 8 years 80,000 miles.

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