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A catalytic converter overheats due to an excess of unburned hydrocarbons reaching it through the exhaust stream for an extended period of time. This overworks the catalyst bed inside the converter, which then starts to become plugged, generating even more heat as it does. In short order, the converter will become a significant exhaust obstruction, causing the engine to overheat and lose power. Eventually, this will prevent the engine from running, due to the inability of the exhaust to escape, denying the engine the opportunity to "breathe"...

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Q: Why is catalytic converter overheating?
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Legally you can only replace a catalytic converter with another catalytic converter.

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Yes, it has a catalytic converter.

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Replace the catalytic converter.

Can you drill holes in catalytic converter to help from overheating?

no if theres a hole , it broken . why is it over heating and how do you know its over heating, you cant look at it?

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There isn't gold in a catalytic converter.There isn't gold in a catalytic converter.

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Replace the catalytic converterReplace the catalytic converter

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Usually after your catalytic converter. Usually after your catalytic converter.

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If you're referring to removing the catalytic converter from your vehicle, first off this is illegal. Secondly no modern engine will run properly with the catalytic converter removed. You must have a fully functional catalytic converter in place.

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